Benefits of Working in an International BPO

Benefits of Working in an International BPO

The BPO industry has evolved as a popular industry amongst the youth.No prior experience, no specific skills, and a decent salary are some of the features why the BPO industry is in vogue amongst the youth.

But this is not the case with every BPO, some call center does not offer a good salary package and some call centers may not hire you without prior experience. In addition to that choosing from an international or a domestic BPO is also a bit of shilly-shallying.

Benefits of Working in an International BPO
Benefits of Working in an International BPO

So today's article is dedicated to those people who want to make a career in the call center industry but looking for the right guidance and also for those who are in dilemma to choose between domestic or international bpo. Additionally, with the help of this article, you will also be able to understand why you should prefer international call centers instead of domestic ones. So let's start today's topic "Benefits of Working in an International BPO"

But before moving ahead with the main topic let me give you a brief introduction to Domestic and Internation BPO.

What is Domestic BPO?

When a business in the same country outsources its customer service or sales segment to a BPO that is in the same country, then we call it a domestic BPO.

Domestic BPO may be of different types e.g Voice, Non-Voice, Back office, etc.

What is International BPO?

When a BPO is performing all the outsourcing tasks for any business which is outside the country or offshore then such BPO is called International BPO.

Likewise domestic, and international BPOs are of different types e.g Voice, Chat, Tech, etc.

For more detailed information on the difference between the two you can refer to the blog:

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Now that we know the difference, without further ado let's start the main topic "Benefits of Working in an International BPO"

Benefits of Working in an International BPO

So if you are a job seeker and want to join a BPO but are puzzled between Domestic and International BPO, let me share with you some 'Benefits of Working in an International BPO'.

1. Communication skills enhancement:

One of the biggest reasons nowadays youth joins call centers so that they can improve their communication skills but here it is also important that you should join the right call center because if you join a domestic call center then you will not have enough exposure to speak in English as it is available in international BPO.

It is also important to understand that communication skills enhancement does not only mean improving English but also improving other aspects of communication such as voice tone, etiquette, how to greet someone, etc.

Hence Joining an international BPO would be the right choice here.

2. Best Salary and Perks:

Another main reason why youth are attracted to international BPOs is that these BPOs offer them a high salary compared to domestic BPOs. Although it depends on the process you are working in but usually, the salary of an international customer service expert started from 30k -40k while the pay range for a domestic customer service expert started from 10k-17k.

In addition to the salary part, the other reason for preferring international BPOs over domestic ones is the lucrative perks and incentives, health insurance, medical benefits, and other allowances provided.

3. Exposure to different GEOs:

International BPO is the right option for you if you are passionate about gaining knowledge about different international places and geos. Apart from this, by talking to the customer of different places, you can also learn about their culture, way of talking, and how they respond

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In addition to this if you are fortunate enough, a few of the international BPOs also offer the chance to travel abroad for training purposes or any other official work on the company's expenditures. 

Seriously, what can you demand more from a company?

4. Decent Week Offs and PTOs:

Maintaining a good work-life balance while working in the BPO industry seems to be a difficult task. But if you are working in an international BPO then you should not worry much about it. Because most of the international BPOs offers you 2 week offs (5 days working) in a week in comparison to most of the domestic call centers which offer you only 1 week off in a week (6 days working).

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2 holidays in a week are quite enough to spend time with your family and loved ones. Also parallelly working with a BPO you are also studying or pursuing higher education, and you will have enough time for that.

In addition to 2 weeks off, the international call centers provide you decent PTOs (Paid Time off) and all national holidays.

5. Learn and Earn:

According to my experience, one of the main reasons for youth to get attracted to the BPO industry is that BPO provides you the facility to Learn and Earn. As far as I am concerned, BPO is the only industry that offers this facility.

Especially when you are working in an International BPO you get enough daytime to revise the study material for your correspondence classes or also to continue your regular studies. Also if you are a "Night Owl" then International BPOs are the best fit for you.

Nowadays, where Moonlight has become a topic of discussion and many big companies are taking a strict stand regarding moonlighting, in such a situation, most of the BPOs have given permission to moonlight to their employees, showing a soft attitude.

Looking at all these benefits, every jobseeker will feel like joining International BPO but the fact is that it is not that easy, for this you need to have good (verbal and written) English communication skills, good aptitude skills, and many more. I will talk about all the required skills for international BPOs in my next blogs soo. Till then you can look into the below articles which will help you to prepare for the interview.

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