Difference between Domestic and International BPO

Difference between Domestic and International BPO

The BPO industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. This profession is in vogue amongst the youth nowadays due to its flexible shift timings,  decent pay range and on top of that, it offers you the "Learn and Earn" flexibility.

Difference between domestic and International BPO
Difference between domestic and International BPO

If you want to start your career in the call center industry, you can choose either a domestic or an International BPO. But before choosing either one let's understand the difference between Domestic and International BPO. Further, we will also discuss the benefits of working with both.

Difference between Call Center and BPO

Difference between Domestic and International BPO

  • Domestic BPO primarily offers business outsourcing to domestic clients and enterprises while International BPO offers outsourcing to overseas clients.
    • For example Companies like Airtel, Vodafone, and HDFC  outsource their business through Domestic BPOs or call centers.
    • While companies like Amazon, T- mobile, and Twitter outsource their business through Internation BPOs.

  • Domestic BPOs offer you less salaries due to the less per seat rate by the client while International BPOs offers you a very good salary along with high incentives and perks due to the high per seat rate by the client.

  • Often in Domestic BPOs volume of customers is very high as compared to International BPOs, hence agents' occupancy is also high.

  • The infrastructure of International BPOs is enormous and awesome due to high investment by the organization while in Domestic BPOs you can not expect so much investment in infrastructure.

  • Most of the Domestic BPOs' operating hours are in the daytime often 8 AM to 8 PM while most of the International BPOs operate at the night as per the timings of the US/ UK/Australian or respective client.
    • However, it is not the case with every Domestic or international BPO. Few of the domestic call centers can be operated 24*7 and the same is the case with International BPOs.

  • If you want to apply for an International BPO you must have very good or excellent English communication skills while for a Domestic BPO if you are average in English skills you can easily crack the interview.

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Benefits of working in an International BPO :

The benefits of working in an international BPO can be described in below pointers:
  • Improvement in English communication skills 
  • You can work without disturbing your regular studies.
  • Learning and development.
  • Increase interaction skills.
  • International BPO experience gives you the exposure to different geos
  • If you are a night owl then international BPO is the best fit for you.
  • Maintained Work-Life balance, as you get 2 weeks off in a week, which is enough to spend time with your loved ones.

Benefits of working in a Domestic BPO :

The benefits of working in an international BPO can be described in below pointers:

  • Only day shift hence get rid of 24*7 flexibility policy.
  • If you find yourself good at English communication than other colleagues, the chances of promotion are higher.
  • Fix Sunday off (no rotational off)  hence you can spend quality time with family.
  • Development of leadership skills.

Although it is difficult to say cleary which BPO is best as it depends on the experience, expertise, and necessity of an individual however I hope this article will help you out to choose the best one for you.

Allow me to wrap up the article. Please share your view on this article in the comment box and I will meet you in my next article soon.

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  1. My name is Alfaiz Aziz Shaikh
    can you define which bpo is having most fastest growth of our pocket i hope you understand .can you please define it ?

  2. Hi Alfaiz, Thanks for the question. I would say every reputed BPO has a minimum eligibility criteria of 12 months to be spent in the organization. However some start up BPOs can offer you growth in shorter span with good monetary benefits. But if you are looking for a long lasting growth and BPO as a career option you should choose only repute BPOs like , Concentrix, Accenture, Wipro . You can read my blog on Top 5 BPOs by clicking on the below link:https://www.sarkariprivatejobs2020.com/2022/02/Top-5-call-centers-in-Delhi-NCR.html

  3. i read your article its good but i want to suggest some point which you can put in you article for better information that you can share about what the futher of a employ who is working in bpo company and is their any carrer option in this comunity line also what qualification naccery to make a good futher in this endustray