What is the AMCAT test for BPO

What is the AMCAT test for BPO

The call center industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Hence the demand for manpower is also very high. However, cracking a job interview in a prominent call center is no longer as easy as before. Every call center needs a skillful candidate to handle the customers and clients. For this reason, now the call center companies have started conducting multiple phases of tests and interviews before offering the job.

What is the AMCAT test for BPO
What is the AMCAT test for BPO

Some of the common and well-known tests conducted by the various call centers are:
Versant test, AMCAT test, Aptitude test, Typing test, and other tests as per client demand. 

Having said that, this does not mandate that every call center conducts these tests as some of them can offer you a job in only just 2 rounds of interview 

Today we will talk about "What is the AMCAT test for BPO"? . We will also talk about its pattern and how a candidate can crack this test


AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Aptitude Test. This test is AI (Artificial intelligence ) based aptitude test by which a candidate can be assessed in various areas like logical reasoning, communication skills, job-specific skills, and his/ her view towards different situations, which can be encountered during the job role.

AMCAT test is not limited to only the BPO industry but this test is India's largest employability test for most of the industries.

Let's talk about the pattern now 

AMCAT Pattern:

The pattern for this test is divided into 3 major parts :

English Grammer: All questions appear from basic grammar which you have already studied in classes 9 & 10. However, as the exam is time-bounded which can lead to mistakes.
The purpose of this test is to evaluate  candidates with their writing skills, email, and chat skills which will be used while interacting with customers and clients

Aptitude Test: This test is primarily to judge an individual's skill, how quickly and convincingly he /she can reply to a customer. A question would be asked followed by 4 options and you need to click the right option.

Mathematics Test: Mathematics questions are pretty basic in the AMCAT test. Simple Multiplication, addition, and problem-solving questions. If you know the basic BODMAS rule than that is enough to clear this segment

An individual can clear the AMCAT test easily provided he should know the rules of this test. Because historically most of the candidates clear these segments but are left behind due the stringent rules of the AMCAT test

Rules to appear for AMCAT Test
  • You must have a webcam installed and should be ON in your machine by which you are appearing for the AMCAT test
  • During the entire interview, you can not move your body part as AI considers it cheating and will mark you fail
  • You can not press the back button during the exam as it will discard your candidature
  • This test is a time-bound test hence a specific duration is allocated for every phase that would appear on your computer screen.

How to Crack the AMCAT test 

Clearing the AMCAT test is not a hard nut to crack if you can keep in mind the below pointers before appearing for the test :

  • Do the regular practice test of basic mathematical questions with the stopwatch nearby
  • Solve some problems based on the BODMAS rule
  • Appear for test in a place away from the crowd (Family) and noise and a proper light should be there on your face so that AI can recognize you.
  • Keep your mobile phone switched off while appearing for the interview as the ringing phone can cause your body movement which will result in failure.
  • Before appearing for your actual AMCAT test  if you can also test your preparation by clicking on the below link 

Readers, this is about the AMCAT test for BPO and the pattern, if you have any doubt or need assistance on how to clear the AMCAT test you can mail me at sarkariprivatejobs2020@gmail.com, also you can write your question in comment section 

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