Skills required to apply for International BPO

Skills required to apply for International BPO

Ever since the advent of the call center industry in India, this industry has become very popular among the youth. "Learning with Earning", financial independence, handsome salaries, and decent pers are key reasons youths are attracted to this industry. 

But one thing is also true that every BPO does not offer all these facilities, most of the youth working in small and domestic BPOs want to get rid of precarious work-life balance, hectic work schedules, and job pressure, so if you are also planning to make a career in BPO, then always choose such BPO which offers employee favoring facilities. 

Skills required to apply for International BPO
Skills required to apply for International BPO

According to my experience of 12 years, I have worked in different BPOs but only got such facilities in international BPOs.

Having said that, getting entry into International BPO is equally tricky. So in today's blog, I will tell you the skills and strengths that an international BPO looks for in your profile.

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Skills required to apply for International BPO

1. Excellent Communication Skills:

If you want to kick start your career with an International BPO, then the first essential requirement is to have excellent English communication skills. Because in International BPO you may have to deal with customers from different geos, where English is the most common speaking language, and if a customer support person does not have a good command over the English language then it can lead to trouble.

Not only verbal but an agent should have a good command of written English as well because as a customer support expert you will have to tag the entire conversation you had with the customer in an application, which can be referred by any other agent in the future, hence it is mandated that the written summary of the conversation between an expert and customer should be lucid, which is only possible when an expert has a good command over written English as well.

2. Problem-Solving Skills:

The second most common requirement that a recruiter might look for, in a candidate's profile is problem-solving skills. As a customer support specialist, many times you have to handle finicky customers and also such problems which may not be in your control to solve. Only in such circumstances, the problem-solving skills of an expert are identified how you pacify a customer and solve a problem with utmost customer satisfaction.

3. High Aptitude:

Interacting with foreign customers is not an easy task. You might be tested many times by a customer for your intelligence in matters. Hence most international BPOs conduct aptitude tests before offering the job to a candidate.

With the help of the Aptitude test, an organization can test a candidate's vocational strength, ability to handle an (irate) customer as well as and aptitude for logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning.

One such aptitude test which is very common nowadays is the AMCAT test, which is AI based exam to evaluate a candidate's communication skills, logical reasoning, and quantitative skills.

To know more about the AMCAT test you can click on the link below:

What is the AMCAT test in BPO?

4. Knowledge of Foreign Languages:

Working in an International BPO does not only mean working for English-speaking customers, rather you might get the opportunity to work with such call centers where there may be customers who can communicate only in their national language.

Hence if you are an expert in any foreign language or proficient in any language that will definitely increase your chance to get shortlisted with an international BPO

So if you want to learn a new language and are puzzled about which foreign language is in demand in call centers that for your knowledge- At present Spanish is the most popular foreign language in this sector. After Spanish, the most in-demand and popular options are European languages like French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

5. Other Skills:

In addition to the above-mentioned skills if you are certified in any other skills that will definitely outshine your resume.Below is the list of skills that can help you boost your chances to get the offer letter.

  • Certificate in Computer knowledge.
  • Certificate in hospitality management.
  • Skills for MS package (Excel, Power presentation, MS word etc.)
  • Specialization in content moderation
  • Certification in Six Sigma or COPC/
  • Specialization in Digital Marketing.

So friend these are some prerequisites to join an International BPO. 

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