What is Versant Test in BPO

What is Versant Test in BPO

In today's era where technology is at its peak, the interviewer has many ways to evaluate the communication skills of candidates. One of the most universally adopted mediums is                 “Versant Test"“which assesses a candidate’s English communication skills by IVR.

What is Versant Test? and how to prepare
What is Versant Test? and how to prepare

What is Versant Test ?

Versant Test is audio (IVR) and speech test to evaluate candidates' English communication skills and vocabulary. This test is of 15 minutes and depends further on the candidate's speed. Before attempting the test, the candidate will be provided with a TIN ( Test Identification Number) and a phone number to dial.

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Candidate can dial the number and insert the TIN and start your Test. In case due to any of the reason if the phone or IVR got hang up old TIN would expire and candidate needs to purchase a new TIN to attempt the test.

Versant Test contains 3 parts to evaluate your English communication skills by IVR (Interactive Voice Response) .

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Part A: Repeat  

In this part, the candidate will be asked to repeat a sentence that he/she hear over the phone. The sentences gradually turn to be difficult to repeat so a candidate ought to be totally concentrated over the phone. These sentence range started from 3 words and can increase up to 12-15 words.

A candidate is expected to repeat the sentence when he/she has heard the complete sentence. Few sample examples to understand this part is mentioned below.

Examples: 1. Pull the chair.

2. Let’s meet at the coffee shop.

3. Come to my house if you need any assistance with your studies.

4. The train is about to depart but you are yet to arrive at the railway station.

Part B: Short Answer Questions 

This part can be considered as one world substitute. In this part, the candidate listens to the asked questions by IVR and answers with a single world or in short phrase. Though in a few cases IVR gives you 2 options to choose the answer.

The candidate needs to be very attentive and reply promptly as the question can be heard only once. This part also tests the candidate’s spontaneity. Few examples are penned below to better understand this part.

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1. What is a solid form of water – Answer: Ice

2.If I have invited a dozen friends in a party but only half of the dozen reaches. How many friends reach the party? Answer 6

3. Water can be filled in a bucket or chair? Answer: Bucket

4. If I have to cover my floor, it can be covered by carpet or by towel? Answer: Carpet

What is Versant Test

Part C: Sentence Rearrangement:

This part is the most difficult one. For the Sentence building, candidates hear a few short words or phrases and are asked to build them to make a  rearranged correct sentence. The sentences are spoken in random order and the candidate has to put together all three phrases to make it a grammatically correct sentence. This part starts with a simple arrangement and ends with the toughest sentence construction.

Examples: Question1: Away/from/stay/fire –

Answer: Stay away from fire

Question 2 – didn’t /he/notice/stolen/wallet/who/his

Answer – He didn’t notice who stolen his wallet.

Question 3 – were after/accomplish/he or she heart/fool can/a task of it

Answer  Fool Can accomplish a task of it were after he or she hears

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How to prepare for a versant test?

Like other skills, there is no magic wand to prepare for a versant test. You need to be consistent and keep practicing for versant. In internet there are multiple sites which provide you free and paid facility to attempt for Versant Test.

For quicker results, you should read the newspaper loudly and work on your pronunciation. Make your vocabulary strong by learning new words .Be a good listener as well, hear speeches through IVR mode and understand that what it is trying to convey you, also be consistent when you are hearing the IVR. Try to communicate in English and surround yourself by such friends and colleagues

In Call Center Versant Test is the most common one to evaluate a candidate's English communication skills. In the Versant test there are different levels to pass but most common is level 4.

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