Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers

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Our today’s topic is call center interview questions and answers
Irrespective of the domain for which you are appearing for an interview or regardless of designation, there are some common interview questions that we call FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions )  that you will face.

So I have penned down a few questions which I experienced during my experience in the Call Center industry from an agent level to the Manager level. So next time if you are ever going to face any interview just remember these questions and use my techniques to clear the interview

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers , BPO FAQ

Here are the Top FAQs 

1. Question: Tell me about yourself?

Logic: The interviewer wants to check your grammar and how good you are with English communication and also to know how confident you are while you are speaking to him, what your body language which is basically to understand whether you can handle the irate customer or not.

Answer: Greet the interview as per the interval of time, tell your name, your family background, your experience ( If you have rich experience in your domain ) else if you are a fresher you can tell about your educational background your hobbies, that’s enough for it.

I advise you not to go by the traditional reponse "thanking the interviewer for providing the opportunity to introduce" this ended very awful nowadays because the interviewer expecting a quick intro, not your birth horoscope.

2. Question: Tell me about this company?

Logic: Through this, the Interviewer wants to know to understand how serious the job, because a serious candidate will always be prepared for the basic info about the company.

Answer: Before answering the question you should google about the company's director, the company established date, the domains in which the company deals also tell if you remember any recent achievement of the company.

All this you will have to prepare n advance the best place to prepare is  while waiting for your interview turn you can google all about the company

Logic: The interviewer wants to check your stability in the organization after selection and whether you will stay in the company or you will quit in a short time, so while answering this question you can give your genuine answer but you need to be smart enough while answering to this to avoid any rejection.

Answer: So tell the actual reason for your joining but add some reasons also to join call center like you want to learn, or enhance skills, you feel good while interacting with others or customers, or you are a good customer service provider

3. Tell me about your working experience?

Logic: This is where the true interview question begins. The interviewer wants to know about previous companies you are associated with, the kind of domain knowledge you have, and is this profile really suits you or not.

Answer: If you are fresher you will not face this question but if you are experienced in the call center industry you will have to tell about your expertise. and If you are giving an interview for manager level, try to emphasize your expertise or if you have been associated with some renowned or international BPOs If you have got some certification of appreciation, or you have worked with some premium processes try to mention it 

If you have good experience in the BPO industry and you have worked with a different process you need to exhibit more and try to tell the interviewer every bit you did to achieve appreciation like tools you worked in, dialer you worked in, about process……….means everything

4. Question: Where do you find yourself after 5 years?

Logic: The logic behind this question is to get an idea about your vision for the future and how prompt you are while answering this question

Answer: If you know about the call center hierarchy you can mention that you will be a process manager of any supervisor after 5 years, or if you have your thoughts represent this, but first analyze the interviewers aspect of the question

Question: What do you understand by customer service?

Logic: This is my favorite question that I ask many candidates who appear for an interview, basically by this question interviewer wants to get the idea whether you have the skills to handle the customer or not, or how you can handle an irate customer
Answers: If you have experience in the call center customer service domain then this is a piece of ice on the cake for you but if you are a fresher, you need to tell the interviewer” Customer service is serving a customer in a way so that a dissatisfy or irate customer will appreciate you at the end of the conversation “.

Any inquiries you have with the interviewer;

This opportunity interviewer will give at the end of the interview to ask him if you have any doubts about or any questions about the organization or faculty, don’t be shy ask him about the shift timings of process, you will get the cab facility, transport facility or about the process window.

So, friends, this is it for today, I have covered almost all FAQs asked in every interview for associate-level besides this the interview round can increase by other questions but these are basic questions you will get everywhere. You need to focus on your body language and need to have confidence in your voice that all that is required.

These interviews are just to check your vocation skills, your interactive tone,and if you are confident enough in your interview but you did not give the right answers to question you need not worry, because they need the people whom they can polish and can hire because at the end of the day HR also have certain targets to be achieved on daily basis for preparing a batch.

In the nutshell, my experience in this industry says if you are getting rejected again and again after good preparation there is something good hide in the future for you.

So All the best ...................and I will meet you in the next article

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