Operations Manager and its role in a Call Center

Operations Manager and its role in Call center 

The call center industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in India and manpower is the fuel of this industry. The BPO industry is the only industry where there is an ever-green requirement for people. 

Operations Manager and its role in a Call center
Operations Manager and its role in a Call center 

One of the major reasons for this humungous demand is the current era of entrepreneurship, where every day we can see the launch of new brands. Needless to mention that every brand is a customer-oriented company and perhaps these new entrepreneurs understand more about this, so their focus is to offer the best services to the customer. 

Hence to handle the customer with care they outsource the customer service segment to the call centers or BPOs, who dedicatedly work to communicate and assist the customers round the clock. One representative from the brand commonly known as "The Client" is stationed in the call center to supervise the performance and progress.

In every call center there is an Operations manager who is the POC (Point of Contact) for the client to share regular updates about the process KPIs. 

In today's blog, we will understand The role of the Operations Manager in a Call Center. 

What is an Operations Manager?

The Operations Manager plays a pivotal role in a call center. The Operations Manager is the one who manages all the operational activities including people, leaders, and clients, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of a process.

In short "Operations Manager is the driver of the process"

Now, Let's understand 5 major roles played by the Operations Manager in a Call Center.

1. Meeting KPIs:

Whenever a brand outsources its customer segment to a call center, the call center is required to achieve specific metrics targets under the contract, otherwise, the call center can be penalized. 

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An operations Manager is one who is accountable for achieving daily or monthly KPIs as defined by the client.  

2: Manage People:

One of the most important and challenging tasks is to manage the people. An operations manager is responsible for the adherence of daily manpower required by the client. Moreover, in some processes, hourly shift adherence is also required. Apart from managing the roster, the operations manager is also responsible for the attrition or the process.

In addition to keeping an eye on required agent count a manager should also be proficient in handling team leader and assistant managers as well.

3: Client Management:

Client management is one of the required key skills for every call center manager. Being an operations manager you are the representative of the call center hence you should be a master at this forte.

Client interaction is not only required to share the updates of the process but also to keep in mind the future business and business revenue.

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Hence every call center requires a clever and shrewd individual for this role. 

4: Attending Reviews:

In call center external reviews are organized by the client on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis to review the process hygiene and performance while internal reviews may be organized by the internal management i.e MD, CXOs or by the other department.

External reviews are performance specific , while internal reviews can be organized to discuss various issues e.g performance, infrastructure or policy discussion,any roll out notification etc.

As an operations manager your job responsibility is to be part of all reviews.

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5. Communicator:

An operations manager works as a bridge between customer support advisors and management . 

Whenever the management launches a new policy and wants any new update to reach the agents or the agents want to share any of their issues with the management, the operations manager plays an important role by bridging the communication distance between the two parties. 

It becomes the core responsibility of the call center manager to ensure 100% compliance (disbursement of updates to agents) on all the notification shared by the management or by the client.

Hence it is also necessary that a manager should also be a good communicator to avoid mess later on due to communication gap.

These are 5 major jobs performed by an operations manager in a call center .However job responsibilities are not limited to above mentioned key roles.


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