Types of Performance Reviews in a Call Center

Types of Business Reviews in a Call Center 

If you work in a leadership role or at the managerial level, business or performance reviews become part of your KRA. The frequency of reviews depends on the industry type and nature of the business.

The call center industry is customer-centric. Every company or enterprise leaves no stone unturned to serve the best to its customers. The call center plays a pivotal role in outsourcing the product, policies, and other updates of these companies to customers. Call centers also handle customers' concerns related to products or any general query via inbound setup

Types of Business Reviews in Call Center
Types of Business Reviews in Call Center 

But for a smooth customer experience and to gauge call center  performance it is very mandated to keep a check of the business performance on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. 

Time business reviews are very helpful in tracking the performance of the business

Below are some common business reviews that are conducted in almost every organization.


DBR is the abbreviation of Daily Business Review. These reviews are helpful when there is a need to track the daily performance of a business or to compare the current performance with the previous day.

The majority of call center clients focus on DBR to keep a daily track of performance and to plan for mitigation if there is any dip in performance.

In the call center, there are thousands of customers connected every day. Hence it is very hard to keep the track of these customers at the month-end instead if we are conducting DBR we can easily track the day-on-day performance and the root cause of low performance for any specific day.

Often the time duration of DBR is  30 mins as it is conducted daily.


WBR stands for Weekly Business Review. These reviews are helpful when there is a need to track the week-wise trend of the process or if a client needs a week-wise analysis of a specific KPI.

Also when there is a need to do an apple to apple comparison and further determine the roadmap then Weekly Business reviews are best to identify the loopholes and which queue or drivers are doing best or worst.

Weekly reviews can also work as a plan of action when you are working on the improvement of BQ (Bottom Quartile) agents. 

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For example, if there is a dip in the CSAT of a process and you have already identified the agents who are contributing the most to low performance. As a solution, you will have to invest in refresher training and coaching of these outliers, and post-implementation of these training sessions you can track their performance weekly and conduct the weekly business reviews to see the improvement in performance


MBR stands for Monthly Business Review. This review type is very common in every organization. Because monthly performance is an ideal review platform to analyze your current month's performance and compare it with the previous month. 

Most organization takes decisions about their future goal and further action only after assessing their month-wise performance in Monthly reviews. 

The other benefit of organizing MBR is to prepare a Plan of Action for process improvement. After reviewing the monthly performance and if there is a need for improvement you can run a Six Sigma Project to get things on track. Six sigma is helpful only when you have the monthly historical data.


QBR is the abbreviation of Quarterly Business Review. By these reviews, you can assess the performance of the process every quarter.

Quarterly business reviews are helpful to see the quarterly performance. There are few businesses where you can not see a drastic improvement in a week or a month, you need to wait for 3 months to see the results, QBR is best suited for such kind of performance tracking.


YBR indicates the yearly business review which is also commonly known as ABR (Annual Business Review).

Though YBR is the least review type to be happened due to of course their long tenure and is often termed as "Dreaded Annual Review" because it is based on past action of 12 months.

However this type of review is very helpful when there is a need to review every department of the organization like at the enterprise level.

Performance reviews are very helpful for the business when conducted in a scheduled manner.


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