What is POSH Policy in BPO or Call Center

What is POSH Policy in BPO or Call Center

BPO jobs are one of the most popular jobs among the youth. One of the biggest reasons for being favored is that this industry gives an opportunity to "Earn while you Learn". 

One of the market studies shows that almost 40% of the youth working in the call center are female with the age group of they are in the age group of 18-23 years. Hence it becomes the responsibility of every call center or BPO to provide a safe working environment to the female employees. 

What is POSH Policy in BPO or Call Center
What is POSH Policy in BPO or Call Center

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However, the government has taken many steps for women's safety of empowerment and if any BPO or other company does not comply with these laws, a strict stand will be taken by the government. Few of the labor laws for women empowerment and safety are as follows:

1. Maternity Benefit Act 1961

2.No Night shift without permission

3. Provision of separate toilets

4. POSH Act -Dec 2013. 

Today in our blog we are going to discuss "What is POSH Policy in BPO?". 

What is POSH Policy in BPO

POSH is the abbreviation for "Prevention of Sexual Harassment".POSH is law again sexual harassment in the workplace which was introduced by the Supreme court of India.POSH policy commenced on Dec'13. In the BPO industry, where there is a large female ratio, this act is very favorable to female employees.

Difference between Call Center and BPo

POSH policy mandates every call center to define sexual harassment policies, what steps the organization takes to control sexual harassment, and what procedures.

Need of POSH Policy in BPO

Before moving ahead with the need of POSH policy in BPO. Let's read the below articles for reference.

1,Two BPO managers were fired for sexual harassment

2.BPO manager held for sexual harassment

The first article is from the year 2011 while the second article is from 2018. It is evident that even after the POSH policy, sexual harassment cases remain the headlines of the news.

After looking at the above articles it seems we need more stringent policies for sexual harassment cases in organizations, especially in the BPO industry.

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However, post introduction of the POSH Policy a dip of 30% in sexual harassment cases have been observed which calms the heart to some extent. 

Now let's understand what comes under sexual harassment.

Primarily Sexual harassment includes (all or any) of the below-mentioned pointers:

  • When a female is not comfortable with the (inappropriate) touch.
  • The demand for sexual favors in lieu of promotion, and examination.
  • Vulgare gestures to the opposite sex
  • Eve's teasing, inappropriate physical contact, and advances.
  • Vulgare/Suggestive comments of jokes.
  • Showing pornography or other adult content without permission.

Steps to be taken under the POSH act

  • To deal upfront with the culprit (harasser).
  • Immediately inform the POSH committee about the incident.
  • Keep a "No-Mercy" attitude with the harasser.
  • Keep a proactive approach to the suspected individual.
  • Do not give the second chance to the harasser.
  • Try to be professional in the office.

How does POSH act work in a BPO 

Every  BPO is abiding by the government laws for female employees' safety. While implementing the POSH policy an organization needs to create a panel of a minimum of 4 members which should include min. 1 male member.

This panel listens to the entire incident history for both the parties and accordingly, releases the verdict.

Some such cases have also come to notice where female employees tried to take undue advantage of the POSH policy. 


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