Role of Human Resources or HR in a call center

Role of Human Resources or HR in a call center

Manpower plays a vital role in a call center and It would be fair to say that it is not so difficult to retain manpower as it is to hire it and only HR can understand the pain of it.

By the way, for a  smooth function in a call center, every department has its own importance and contribution and it can be made successful only with the mutual coordination of all these departments.

Role of Human Resource or HR in a call center
Role of Human Resource or HR in a call center

But honestly, as far as the HR department is concerned, there is too much burden on their shoulders, first to shortlist the candidate, then to line up for the further interview rounds with respective departments and finally to follow up how soon the candidate can join.

Even after so much effort on that sometimes the candidate does not response or does not join after multiple follow ups, then there is no other option but to pluck the hair.

We will discuss more the Role of  HR Human Resources in a call center in this article today.

But before diving deep into the role, let's understand what is HR.

What is HR or Human Resources?

HR term is an acronym for Human Resources. In every industry, there is an HR department which can be defined as a group of people who are primarily responsible for the workforce of an organization.

In a call center where manpower plays the role of fuel to run the organization, this responsibility becomes more critical.

In this virtual era where every organization offers the best out of best salary, and policies to the candidate, hiring the right talent, following up in a timely manner, and onboarding as per the scheduled date is a hard nut to crack.

Now let's understand 3 major tasks (KRAs) of the HR department in the call center 

1. Manpower Hiring:

The primary task of the HR department is to hire the talent for an organization to avoid any manpower shortage. In a call center where there can be multiple projects ( domestic and international, voice and non-voice) hiring the candidate with the right skill set and as expected by the client or by the operations department is a difficult task.

The major challenge encountered by the HR department during the ramp-up situations where operations can be very demanding and may ask for multiple batches within a short span of time. Delivering these batches under high pressure is never an easy task.

In addition to that daily attendance tracking of these batches till the time the training team completely does not take the handover of the batches.

2. Conducting employee programs:

The other task in HR's bucket is to conduct employee engagement programs in a timely manner. These programs are very helpful to vent out the office stress and also create and friendly work culture.

These programs are also known as employee relations programs. Though there is a separate team to conduct these programs which are known as ER (Employee relation) team this team is also a part of the HR team.

Few commonly conducted employee engagement activities are below:

3.Counseling employees:

Apart from Hiring and onboarding one of the key tasks performed by the HR department is to counsel an employee. We all are aware of the common term "Refer to HR". 

Every company has certain policies, which should be followed by every employee. In case of any non-compliance, code of conduct, or non-adherence of policies by the employee or performance-related issues the management has all rights to refer the employee to HR.

Whenever such scenarios arise, the supervisor refers the employee(agent) to HR so that team can set the expectation about the policies of the organization. Here the HR team plays a crucial role in making the agent understand about the rules and regulations.

But in a few scenarios, there is zero tolerance for act hence it also becomes the responsibility of HR to perform the exit formalities of the agent.

Apart from the above mention tasks, HR is also responsible for some other tasks like cascading information to the audience, feedback on infrastructure and policies, listening to the agent's concerns, and other tasks which vary as per the management instructions.


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