What is RNP in a Call Center

What is RNP  in a call center

"Customer is the king of business" and brands are obsessed with customer experience.Needless to say every brand leaves no stone unturned to offer a soothing experience to its customer

In this era, every brand prefers to outsource their customer service business to a call center. Cost efficiency, high customer satisfaction results, and hassle-free manpower hiring are a few of the top most reasons why a brand chooses a call center to handle its key customer service piece.

What is RNP in a Call Cnter
What is RNP in a Call Center

At the time of the contract between brand and Call center apart from employee salary and other components the two also agree on certain KPI parameters which are primarily to gauge call center performance and what is the market credibility of the brand.

In the article below we will discuss more about RNP and how we can avoid penalty and earn rewards

Let's deep dive into the topic "What is RNP in a call center?"

What is RNP  in a call center

RNP is the abbreviation for "Rewards" and "Penalty" which is primarily a yield of call center performance by which a brand is able to figure out how well the call center is performing as per the contract assigned.

If a call center is not able to meet the set KPI parameters, then it has to pay the prescribed penalty to the brand, but if the call center achieves or overachieves  the KPI parameters, then the brand rewards it.

While preparing the grid there is a certain performance bracket for every KPI parameter where neither the brand can levy any penalty on call center and vice versa the call center also can not claim the reward on the performance 

This stage is commonly known as NRNP which means "No Reward No penalty".

Rewards and Penallties vary as per the domain and nature of the brand or enterprises. For example, the Healthcare domain has a different RNP parameters while a telecommunication brand company has a different RNP parameters.

Below is a sample RNP grid for a telecommunication brand:

Sample RNP grid for call center 

In the above-mentioned grid, there are 3 metrics to gauge the performance of a call center i.e AHT (in seconds) NPS( in%) and CSAT (in %).

The grid states that if a call center is able to keep the AHT performance under the threshold of 240 secs under mentioned reward bracket then the call center is eligible to get a reward on performance while if the call center performs above the threshold of 240 secs than the brand has the right to levy the penalty charges to the call center as per the mentioned grid

There is also one row of NRNP (no rewards no penalty ) which shows if the performance of respective metrics fall under the given bracket than there is No reward and No penalty.

How to avoid penalties and earn rewards:

Now let's discuss how a call center can avoid penalties and earn rewards. Below are some proven ways to avoid penalty and earn rewards :

Keep a track of daily performance :

Keeping track of daily performance is very effective when you want to avoid penalties. By looking at the daily performance of process you can assess how much effort  you need to earn the reward and avoid the penalty

Increase the E-SAT

Employees are the foundation brick of a company.Employee Satisfaction is as essential for a company as it is necessary for a brand to maintain customer satisfaction.If your employee is happy with your work culture then the performance will go after itself but if the employee is not happy with the culture then no matter how much effort you put in, you will not be able to earn rewards.

Work as a team :

There are several departments in a call center e.g Hr, Ops , Quality, Training , IT etc. But if there is no coordination between these departments, then the overall performance is bound to fall down and you will end up paying the brand a penalty month after month.

That's why it is important that every department of the call center work together, then only we can avoid the penalty and earn rewards.

Weekly / Bi weekly review

Weekly or bi-weekly performance reviews are essential to know the ground reality of what is going on in the process. An individual from the management level should take the onus of it and should share the invite to all the department to showcase the process performance and what are the recommendations they have to lif the performance so that we can avoid penalties and can earn rewards from client.

Apart from the measures given above, there are many other measures by which we can avoid the penalty, but as mentioned in one of the above measures, it is very important that every department has the required mutual coordination.


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