Role of Operations Department in a Call center

Role of Operations Department in a Call Center

For a successful business, it is essential for all the departments of any organization to coordinate and work together. Like other industries, the call center industry is an amalgamation of many different departments. These departments include (but are not limited to) Operations, Quality, IT, HR, Learning and Development, etc. 

Role of Operations Department in a Call center
Role of Operations Department in a Call center

Every department has its own rules and set metrics which they have to achieve in a specific time frame but for the organization's overall goal achievement each department should work in tandem with each other.

As mentioned above there can be multiple departments in a call center but the department which we are going to discuss in today's topic is "Operations Department"

So without further ado let's discuss the topic "Role of Operations Department in a Call Center".

Before diving deep into the topic let's first understand the definition of an Operations department.

What is an Operations department:

"The operations department is one of the key departments of every domain whose primary function is to run the business on the front end with the support of other departments"

The operations department is primarily responsible for generating revenue for the organization.

Role of Operations Department in a Call Center

Like other industries, the role of the operations department in the call center remains the same. The operations department is directly accountable to drive performance, revenue generation, and business growth.

Let's look at the 3 primary responsibilities of an operations department in the call center 

1. Driving performance

This is one of the major tasks of an operations department in any call center. Advisors in a call center are the foundation bricks hence it is imperative to drive their performance alongside keeping them happy.

Needless to mention though the operations team is leading on the front end to drive the performance however the role of other departments like quality, training, learning, and development is also very crucial.

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2. Revenue Generation 

The operations department is directly responsible for revenue generation. Every advisor in a call center is paid by the client (enterprise) a certain amount by completing the required production hours. as agreed in the contract. In addition to the production hrs. there are a few metrics threshold that needs to be achieved by the operations, or else the penalty would be levied.

Hence it becomes the core accountability of the operations department to achieve the threshold as determined by the client and generate revenue for the organization

3. Business expansion

The workload of business expansion is also with the operations department. The more productive call center agents would be the more business the call center will get.

If a call center is more productive and has a good historical record of serving premium clientele, it can get a number of other clients. It can all be possible when the operations department is performing well.

4. Control Attrition:

The attrition rate has always been a headache across the call center industry.As per the analysis done on various call centers one of the major reasons why the employee leaves the organization is because of the immediate supervisor's behavior. 

Needless to mention that a call center advisor spent 90% part of the journey with the operations team.

Hence it is evident that operations department needs to be more attentive while handling the agent, which means the operations team should be perfect in the art of driving performance while retaining  talent.

Retaining talent  not only keeps the performance high but also  is also very cost-effective

5. Creating Leaders 

The operations department plays a pivotal role in creating new leaders for the organization.

As mentioned above, if the business grows in a call center then more leaders are required. Hiring manpower from outside is very costly and also they have the stability issue so it becomes a prime responsibility of the operations department to keep creating new leaders so that these resources can be deployed when the time comes.

The operations department is not limited to above mentioned primary roles but should be flexible to perform other roles as and when asked by the management. 

Having said that it is also true that the Operations Department can not handle all this alone and desperately needs support. For example, a quality team is needed for performance drive, and the training team is needed for a refresher.

In the end, the gist of the story is that when all the departments will work together and support the operations department we can not only expect decent revenue generation but also steady business growth.


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