How to Share Feedback to Agents in Call Center

How to Share Feedback to Agents in Call Center

Call center agents commonly known as customer service representatives are the pillar of an organization. That's why it becomes necessary to get the agents to work as well as keep them happy because if the agents feel pressurized in the work culture and are unhappy with the environment then it could be an alarm of high attrition.

Right way to share feedback
The right way to share feedback 

The leadership team and feedback process have a huge role in this regard. Although the feedback is given only for the goodness of the agents but many times while giving feedback, leaders choose unprofessional words and agents do not feel comfortable many times it has been observed that sharing stern feedback results in agent dissatisfaction.

Both conditions are unhealthy for the office work culture.

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In today's topic, we are going to discuss the feedback process in call centers and How to share feedback with call center agents. But before jumping into the main topic let's understand the feedback process in the call center.

What is the feedback process?

"Feedback is the process of sharing information or giving advice to an advisor related to his performance or behavior in the workplace to improve the performance"

Feedback is a regular exercise in a call center. Many times a quality auditor shares the feedback with an agent for a social escalation by the customer or sometimes team leader gives the feedback to an agent for operational performance.

Needless to mention that regular feedback sessions are very necessary to keep the agent's performance intact. But as mentioned above choosing the right method and words are also very necessary to share the feedback in a way that should touch the agent's heart not mind.

Let's discuss more on...

How to share feedback with call center agents?

As a leader, you must have come across such agents in the office many times whose performance is not right or who are unable to improve their performance even after giving a lot of feedback or those agents who are new to the system. In both cases, you must keep the below things in mind while sharing feedback to avoid agent dissatisfaction.

1. Share constructive feedback:

The first thumb rule of sharing feedback is to share constructive feedback. Constructive feedback means you start the feedback with positive areas and then with the areas where an agent needs improvement then again with some positive remarks.

Constructive feedback is also known as Sandwich Feedback.

This feedback method is very much in vogue in the corporate sector because by sharing constructive feedback, the agent not only knows what he has done wrong but also knows what he is doing well. 

The mistake most leaders make is that they only share one-way feedback, which means only sharing feedback in the wrong areas. This way agent does not understand what he is doing right, due to which whatever agent was doing right, he also starts doing wrong.

2. Choose the right word:

Choosing the right words is very important for a leader, whether it is addressing an audience or sharing feedback. It has been seen many times that agents can catch one of your wrong words and make escalation out of it which can lead to HR involvement.

So always while giving feedback, choose the words correctly, especially when you have to share stern feedback for poor performance or for any customer escalation.

3. Be professional:

It is very important to follow professionalism when sharing feedback. In some cases as a leader, you have to share the feedback with the agents with whom you go for tea breaks or smoke breaks or you are close to them. So it is very important that keep in mind all things you do not share the feedback with them casually.

There may be some cases where you have to be stern and harsh but avoid being rude and disrespectful to the agent.


So, readers, these are some suggestions to share the feedback with the agent. 

Hope this article will help you. Kindly share your views in the comment box. 

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