How to reduce attrition in a call center

How to reduce attrition in a call center

Retaining old talent is a challenging task in every industry. An old employee is more productive who needs less training and is loyal towards the company while hiring a new one increase the cost-effectiveness and also employer has to invest a good amount of money in training and development

This is why every industry and organization focus to retain the old talent. 

How to control attrition in a call center
How to reduce attrition in a call center

Especially in the Call center industry manpower plays a pivotal role. Manpower (especially agent) is the basic need of a call center. But contrary to the industry demand controlling attrition in this industry is a tough nut to crack.

In this blog, I have shared the top 5 proven tips on How to reduce attrition in a call center.

How to control attrition in a call center

1. Regular counseling sessions: To control attrition the first and most effective way is to conduct regular counseling sessions. These sessions are very helpful to understand the employee's behavior towards the organization. You may ask an employee to share feedback related to the company policies, infrastructure, supervisors, and other facilities. These sessions allow employees (especially agents) to speak their minds without shilly-shallying.

But one thing to keep in mind is that these sessions should be conducted only by the HR or ER team or by any third party excluding the immediate supervisor of the agent or employee  

2. Learning and Development: Employees tend more towards such a company where apart from paying salary the employer also invests in the employees' learning and personality development. 

Hence an organization should conduct team building and learning sessions for an employee on weekends or post office hours. Nowadays in the market, there are many ed techs and online learning platforms with the cheapest price rates for every course and these platforms are open for any tie-up with an organization for learning courses. This exercise will not only improve the skills of an employee but also help to control the attrition 

3. Employee engagement activities: Programmes related to Employee engagement help very much to retain talent. As per the survey of an American firm engaged employees are highly productive and are more likely to stick around with the company 
Every organization has a separate ER (Employee Relation) team which helps in performing employee engagement activities. Few of the employee engagement activities are on-floor games, competitions, bar nights, etc. 

The fact is that if you will prioritize agents engagement and motivation they will too

4. Rewards and Recognition: Rewards and Recognition programs are a great way to give recognition to talent.It also helps to increase the motivation of other employees. Many companies do it monthly, quarterly, or on yearly basis. When an employee gets value and recognition for his work automatically it boosts his/her morale which in turn results in employee engagement and more productive work towards the company

Depending on the historical data of the company's attrition rate these programs can be conducted.

RNR programs have been a proven way to control attrition especially in the call center industry, where agents are hungry for recognition and want to grow at the earliest

5. Conducting Sports events: Work culture in a call center is very stressful, as this industry directly deals with customers. Conducting regular sports events keep an employee engaged with the organization also these events can help to bring employees and their families together. 

In India Cricket is one of the most famous sports and everyone knows how to play it. Hence conducting cricket matches or any premier league will engage all employees and everybody can participate in it which also helps in team building apart from controlling attrition 

Every employee is a RAW material when he first joins any organization but being an employer it's on you to create such an environment where every employee feels valued and invested which also fosters employee engagement

There are many other tips and ways to control attrition and retain the talent but it depends on organizations that how well they treat their employees so that it will require less effort and investment to control attrition of employee

So friends here the topic ends "How to control attrition in a call center".

Comment in the box on how well your employer is treating you. 

Also, do share your thoughts about this blog  or any feedback

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