Benefits of Doing Rewards and Recognition in BPO

Benefits of Doing Rewards and Recognition in BPO

BPO is a customer-centric industry. The more volume of customers an enterprise has, the more customer service advisors it needs to handle the customers. But working in a call center is not everyone's cup of tea. 24*7  Shift hours, speaking to tons of customers, responding politely to irate and shouting customers on top of that no scheduled breather.

Benefits of doing Rewards and Recognition in BPO
Benefits of doing Rewards and Recognition in BPO

This all leads to low employee satisfaction and high attrition in the organization which also hampers the productivity of an individual. Needless to say that every call center does its utmost and leaves no stone unturned to retain the talent but as the call center is a client-driven industry where clients set the benchmark and target and call center has to follow it whatever it takes.

A few of the programs and exercises implemented by most the call centers to control attrition and improve productivity are mentioned below:

RNR - To conduct a Rewards and Recognition program every month, quarterly or yearly. 
ER team  Employee relationship team conducts programs  weekly or monthly

Skip level Meetings - Skip level sessions conducted for advisors every month by skipping the next level

One-o-One session: F2F session weekly with the team leader for any issues experienced by the advisor

RAG: Monthly RAG analysis to identify the probable attrition for the month

Out of the sessions and programs mentioned above one most traditional and proven program to retain the talent and improve productivity is to conduct RNR (Rewards and Recognition) program. RNR programs are not limited to only the call center industry but to other industries as well.

Let's discuss more advantages of the RNR program, but before that, some light on What is RNR program.

What is RNR (Rewards and Recognition) program?

RNR is an abbreviation of Rewards and Recognition. RNR programs are conducted by the organizations to recognize the employees for their exceptional contribution to the success of the organization. 

Always Remember  " Recognition Delayed is Recognition Denied"

Now let's discuss a few of the benefits of conducting RNR in BPO

Positive work culture:

Often employee joins the organization for salary and monetary benefits but needless to say it's the work culture that motivates the employee for the long run and further can help in retention. Doing RNR activities create a positive and friendly work culture which is very fruitful, especially for the new joiners.

Attrition Control:

If your call center is experiencing a high attrition rate then RNR programs are a must to do. Conduct this RNR (Rewards and Recognition ) ceremonies weekly or bi-weekly for 3 consecutive months and you will see some exceptional results.

Often Company distributes goodies, Certificate of appreciation, gifts cards, etc in the RNR ceremony but if you want to see some significant results then go out of tradition and do the below activities:

  • Feature employee in a short film.
  • Announce employee's name in monthly/quarterly town hall where the audience is large.
  • Peer to peer recognition
  • Appreciation Mail to the employee.
  • Classic Wall of Fame 

Boost Team's Productivity:

The other advantage of conducting Rewards and Recognition is it helps in increasing the productivity of the entire team. When one employee from the team gets recognition then others also try to get features for the next RNR program. Hence it creates a healthy competition amongst the team member that naturally boost the team's productivity.

One thing the team leader or manager should keep a check is that no team member should be involved in any unethical activity under the greed of RNR gifts.

Employee Satisfaction:

Rewards and Recognition provide satisfaction to the employee. Rewards and Recognition programs are very helpful in BPO or call center environments where an advisor works under a lot of pressure and speaks to a ton of irate customers which can lead to mental and physical fatigue.

RNR program works as a breather and as mentioned above motivates advisors to work the way they do it.

The benefits of RNR programs are not limited to the above pointers. But as every activity has its advantage, there are several disadvantages of conducting RNR sessions frequently, which are listed below:

  • Increasing unethical activities
  • The advisor works only for these awards and if he/she does not get as expected they  start showing tantrums and making excuses to do the work.
  • Huge financial investment from the management
  • Sometimes  senior individuals take the bribe to shortlist the name for RNR
  • Increasing chances of fund misusing by other departments i.e admin or finance 
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