Roles and Responsibilities of admin in a call center

Roles and  Responsibilities of admin in a call center

The call center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Like every other organization, every call center has multiple departments and functions. Needless to say, each department is an asset and critical to a company's success. Cross department collaboration plays a major role to accomplish the organization's goal.

Roles and  Responsibilities of admin in a call center
Roles and  Responsibilities of admin in a call center

Every call center has below departments in common:

  • HR or Human Resource 
  • Operations/ Quality/ Training
  • IT (Information Technology) 
  • Finance 
  • Administration

One of the important and underrated departments  that plays a pivotal role in a company's success is Administration or commonly known as the Admin department.

"From providing timely transport  to greeting visitors at reception admin does it all."

Let's look at 5 major tasks performed by the admin team in detail :

Arranging transport and medical facilities

One of the most despised tasks that everybody wants to avoid is to arrange and manage transport. As most of the call centers run round the clock (24*& 7). Hence admin person must be available 24 hours a day. Speaking to the cab service provider on daily basis every 2-3 hours and keeping a track of employees' rosters simultaneously is a hard nut to crack but an admin person does it with a smile.

He must also be aware of the local routes and important places, in case there is an urgency with employees. Sometimes an employee required immediate medical supervision that time such knowledge and awareness would be helpful. Not only medical exigency but sometimes due to business exigency or due to other circumstances admin person need to travel to these places.

Managing Diaries: 

Apart from arranging the transport and other facilities, one major task the admin needs to perform is to manage the diaries and schedules of the company with visitors,clients and vendors. Every day there can be multiple individuals and vendors who can approach the company related to their product, or for some other cause. An administrator must smoothly arrange these meetings without overlapping with another one .

While scheduling these meets, the admin person must be aware of the occupancy of the conference room as well to avoid any last time chaos.

Greeting visitors and accommodation:

Administrators' job role is not just limited to arranging and scheduling meetings but to arranging all the required stuff to greet visitors.

After all, you don't get a second chance to make a first impression.

To make this greet and meet memorable admin needs to arrange flower bookey, and send a welcome package before visiting. The welcome package includes driving instructions and navigation landmarks to the office, the way to the reception area, an area map, etc.

Doing all these arrangements before the meeting shows that the person or client matters to you and how important they are to your business

In addition to this, the administrator is also responsible for the arrangement of accommodation and food for these visitors and clients. 

With these effective gestures you can set the base for a positive and fruitful client experience and association in future.

To maintain infrastructure:

The Office is like a second home to employees ,rather they spend 9-10 hrs only in the office.Hence it becomes imperative to provide them a clean and pleasant working environment that can also keep their mental health at best. Research has  identified below benefits of  having the good infrastructure in the office:

  • Improves employees productivity
  • Good Working culture 
  • Stress reduction 
  • Employee engagement and opportunity to advancement
  • Can make employee creative and pushes for out of the box thinking.
Therefore it becomes a primary responsibility of admin team to keep an eye on office infrastructure and to maintain it in a timely manner.

Maintain records 

After finance , admin is the only department that is very close to upper management. Hence management expects them to stay confidential and share only those information which are asked to.Therefore it becomes one of the core responsibilities of an admin team to store information and maintain records of communication, either in form of hard copy or digitally.

Nowadays though every organization is going paperless , hence administrators should be well versed with the digital enviornment.

By reading above duties if you are interested to begin your career as an administrator than you must posses or learn below skills to apply for the job . 

Eligibility criteria to apply for the job role:

  • You must be a graduate from a recognized university ( some companies also consider undergrads).
  • You must be  a team player
  • You must be able to take the responsibility and master in execution
  • You should be multi-tasker
  • You should be able to communicate effectively
  • Should be good in leadership and handling team 
  • Average of very good English communication skills required
  • Sound knowledge of computer peripherals 
  • Should be good in Excel to maintain records

These are some basic criteria and not just limited to above-mentioned pointers but can vary organization and industry


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