How to increase agents productivity in Call Center

How to increase agents productivity in Call Center

In the Call Center environment enhancing an agent’s productivity level is an overwhelming task. The Call Center industry is client-driven, so every time you need to be on your toes to deliver the exceptional performance and the same goes with the agents as well. So today I am back again with the topic “How to increase agents productivity in the Call Center

How to increase agents productivity in Call Center
How to increase agents productivity in Call Center

How to increase agents productivity in the Call Center” 

Agents are the pillars of a Call center. Client and customer satisfaction depends on agents’ productivity which in turn increases the chances of business ramp-up.

So here are some tips on How to increase agents’ productivity in the Call Center

Sharing Feedback Continuous feedback sessions can surely increase the productivity of agents. Feedback helps agents to know about their performance and what needs to be improved. This feedback should be concrete and constructive. You should always start with the appreciation or with a positive node.

Real-time feedback is more effective than an interval wise feedback. No point in waiting for the weekend or month-end to share the performance feedback. Share the feedback as soon as you find a mistake. As soon as you share the feedback the earlier an agent can work on loopholes. The benefit of real-time feedback is that you need not remember anything from the past.

Conducting Sessions Conducting sessions is a great medium to assess an employee’s need from the organization, also through thorough sessions, you can set the expectation to the employee. To boost up the agent’s performance you should block your calendar for conducting one o one session


Through conducting regular session you can get the root cause of agents’ low performance and can plan how you can enhance the performance of the agent. 

Rewards and Recognition: RNR (Rewards and Recognition) ceremonies are conducted to provide recognition to the productive agents and motivate other agents to perform better. RNR ceremonies are by far the most useful programs to enhance agent performance. 


Rewards can be in the form of virtual money, monetary, food coupons, or movie coupons. Rewards and Recognition programs are also helpful in retaining agents because this way the agents understand that their work is being valued by the organization and this can inspire them to work ahead with new energy.

Perfect roster Plan: Roster planning is a major role of a Team leader/WFM in a Call enter to start the week or a month. A perfect roster plan ensures that every agent is occupied in the shift and each shift has sufficient agents to attend customers.


Roster planning, if not done perfectly can adversely affect the agent’s performance. If in a shift, excessive agents are rostered than it will decrease the agent’s occupancy and vice versa if in a shift fewer agents are rostered it can increase the stress amongst available agent which can lead to agent fatigue and decrease in performance

So to increase the agents’ performance a call center should prepare the roster as per the call volume.

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Enhancing Agents Productivity 

Coaching and mentoring: Though, these two terms have a different meaning altogether but ultimately use to enhance the agent's performance. Coaching is performance-driven while mentoring is something used to develop skills in the agent.


 As a coach, you need to educate agents about skills, techniques, and tools to enhance performance. By coaching one agent you can identify his/her strength and weakness. Mentoring is about filling the knowledge gap, work along with the agent to achieve a task

Stress buster breaks: The life of a call center employee is very hectic. Working on a call center can be a monotonous job. Back to back inbound calls, shouting supervisor, and deadline to achieve the goal or sales target can make you irritable. If these aspects are not fixed or the stress of these targets is not released on time it can affect the productivity of the agent.


So to increase the agents’ performance release short breaks at regular intervals. Needless to say, these breaks are not only stress busters but also a refreshment to think something out of the box to achieve the target and to handle a customer with a smile  

There are several other ways to enhance the agent's performance which can be implemented as per the situation and as per the task  

But these are some proven tips adopted universally by which agents' productivity can be improved.

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