What is WFM and its role in a Call Center

What is WFM and its role in a Call Center

WFM (Work Force Management) system plays a vital role in the Call Center. The Call Center industry works on manpower and to make full use of manpower we need a strong system to plan the manpower as per the client's requirement.

What is WFM and its role in Call Center
Work Force Management

What is WFM? 

WFM is an abbreviation for  (Work Force Management).WFM system enables a call center to plan better manpower, effective operational cost, attendance, shift adherence, tracking of employees, and Call Volume forecast. All of these factors collectively impact client expectations and customer satisfaction.


Few call centers use WorkForce Management soft wares for the staff planning while others have a dedicated team who works round the clock to provide smooth delivery of operations.

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Role of WFM(Work Force Management) in a Call Center


Now let’s understand the Role of WFM (Work Force Management) in a Call Center

Call Volume Forecasting: This is one of the biggest challenges in the Call centers to get a precise call volume forecast. This method is a prediction of call volume projection during the upcoming session or week. Reference can be taken by analyzing the trend of the last few months or last year. For a more precise forecast, the WFM system does apple to apple comparison. Also, the exact Call Volume Forecast can help in roster planning for a particular project.

The Fundamentals of Call Volume forecasting is long-term monthly call volume forecasting, which can help the operations department to work on agent productivity and their KPIs

Roster Planning: Post analyzing the call volume trend for future weeks, WFM works on roster planning which is a cost-effective measure for a call center. A skilled WFM system prepares a good roster plan which means that in a particular project every shift is being covered for hassle-free delivery of operations.

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Gone are the days when companies use to plan employees manually which was very time-consuming. A better roster planning can help a call center in cost savings, reducing shrinkage (absenteeism of employees), employee satisfaction by catering his week off or leave request, and the most important is client satisfaction.

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Attendance and time tracking In Call center, however, this duty is primarily aligned to the Team Leader but few call centers use the WFM system to track the agents' shift adherence. WFM keeps a record of an employee with respect to his shift adherence, absenteeism, his break adherence, and leaves in account to improve payroll accuracy.

Real-Time Monitoring: RTM (Real-Time monitoring) is an important tool to keep an eye to monitor the activity of an agent in real-time. WFM team keeps an eye on RTM to support the operations team and assist in avoiding unnecessary aux and wrap time. WFM also publishes the Real-time dashboard as required by the operation team.

Rigorous Real-time monitoring increases the occupancy of agents which results in high productivity and client satisfaction. Through strong RTM a call center can eliminate idle time and unused time which can increase the efficiency and control of AHT. 

What is WFM (Work Force Management) and its role in Call Center


Cost Efficiency: One of the major roles of WFM (Work Force Management) is to analyze the manpower required for a particular project and inform the HR team about the hiring planner. This pre-analysis of manpower requirements can be a cost-effective solution for a call center 

According to a survey, precise manpower planning can reduce the cost of operation up to 20% more than improper manpower planning.

Managing and planning your workforce is a big challenge in a call center, also workforce management can help you analyze the performance. In short WFM (WorkForce management) is an essential part of the Call center. As the Call center industry is becoming giant with time and with increasing manpower we need a software or a robust team to plan and execute the manpower and that is where a call center requires WFM(Work Force Management)

Though this topic is very vast, nevertheless I have tried to give full information in this article, hope you will like it.

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