MIS and its role in the Call Center

MIS and its role in the Call Center


MIS is an acronym for Management Information System which has paramount importance in every industry. Every organization needs various reports to analyze the performance of employees for the betterment of the process.MIS (Management Information System) team prepares all these reports and share it with the respective department in Call Center.


Management Information System


For the success of every project, the performance reports need to be reviewed from time to time and it applies to every sector or industry. These reports are prepared and published by the MIS( Management Information System). Apart from Publishing performance reports MIS team is responsible and aligned with various other tasks.

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Without further ado let’s understand the topic MIS and its role in the call center in detail.

Role of MIS in the Call Center


Preparing & Publishing Reports: A major role of the MIS team is to prepare and publish timely reports as required by the management or operations team to analyze the performance of employees working in the organization. Also, post reviewing the reports one can decide and prepare a further plan of action for the low performers and loopholes in the system.


These reports are not only limited to performance but also for HR indices, Attrition reports, Billing reports, financial reports, and other budget reports.


Data Mining: One of the key responsibilities of MIS (Management Information System) is to perform data mining. Data mining helps the operations team to get the raw data and turn it into the prospective lead. This process is generally adopted for sales and marketing. By using data mining we can get a good amount of lead which can be filtered out further, post analyzing the customer interest, location, and customer behavior.


Data Analysis: MIS team analyses the reports related to production, quality, and billing and send out the observation to the respective department to further assess and obtain the information from the data.


A precise data analysis can increase productivity, occupancy, mitigate the loopholes, and fraud in the system also it improves the customer experience by taking the corrective measures action.


Billing information: MIS team notify to the organization whenever they receive the billing report.from the client. Call Center industry works on demand and targets set by the client and eligible for billing only after achieving the target.


MIS team does a daily audit of reports and billing details shared by the client and share it to the management post analyzing the data and raise the alarm whenever the MIS team find any discrepancy or a billing loss

in reports.

Difference between Call Center BPO

Prepare the review report: As mentioned above preparing reports are the core responsibility of the MIS (Management Information System) team. So as per the requirement by the client or management, MIS needs to prepare the review report and publish it post final discussion and approval by the higher authority. An MIS executive should be skilled enough in Powerpoint to prepare the review report. 

Review reports can be weekly, monthly or quarterly.


So these are some major roles performed by the MIS(Management Information System ) Team.

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Now, understand how can you be a part of the MIS Team.

MIS and its role in the Call Center
MIS and its role in the Call Center


How to Join the MIS Team?


To Join the MIS team you can apply in any BPO or call center for the position of MIS executive. There are several Call centers for the back office and data mining. To crack the interview you should be skilled enough in excel, Macro, and should hold a good typing speed. Excellent knowledge of MS Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint) would be an added advantage to clear the interview.


MIS executive can get the starting salary of 15K - 20K and can earn a handsome salary as per the experience and designation in the future.

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So here ends the article on “Roles and responsibilities of MIS and how to join the MIS Team”. In short, an MIS( Management information system) is an information system used to collect the information and for decision making to enhance the performance of Call Center.

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