What is future of Call Center after COVID

What is future of the Call Center after COVID

As the entire world is battling from the deadly coronavirus pandemic but it has left an undiluted stain on the world economy. Irrespective of any industry there is no doubt in saying that this epidemic has destroyed the economy. As per the report published by Centre of Monitoring the Indian Economy (CMIE) India’s unemployment rate is at a high of 27.1%. One such industry that is also not untouched by this recession is Call Center or BPO industry. 

What is Future of Call Center after COVID
 Future of Call Center after COVID
What is future of the Call Center after COVID This is a burning question for all the employees associated with the call center and customer service industry, because somewhere this sector is one of the biggest sectors in India if seen from the perspective of contribution in GDP (Growth Domestic Product). Call Center or BPO industry contributes a total of 5.4% in the nation’s economy.

Future of the Call Center after COVID Like other industries Future of Call Center is also unpredictable. Keeping in mind the current situation probably it is difficult to estimate the future of this industry after emerging from the virus.

However for survival, at present most of the call centers are working from home to provide uninterrupted service to its customers and clients.

According to expert analysis the rate at which currently the corona infection continues to increase, certain key changes can be seen in the Call Center industry in the near future.

 Adaption of Work from Home Model:

What is Future of Call Center after COVID
Adaption of Work From Home

As we know that Work from home mode has opted universally due to this pandemic not only in the call center industry but also in other industries as well. According to current conditions the rate by which cases of coronavirus are increasing, it seems that in near future call centers will have to be dependent on the "Work From Home“ model.

Undoubtedly Work from Home model is proving to be a good alternateBut somewhere in the office environment and working from home there is a difference in work ethics. The difference is of professionalism and how you are providing customer service 

Where on the one hand an agent in the office environment focuses only on customer service, because he knows that apart from monitoring his activity on the system, his every activity is being monitored by supervisors physically, to check how he is talking with the customer, or to check the call quality, on the other hand, while working from home agents find different ways of work dodging.

Employee Layoff: 

What is Future of Call Center after COVID
Employee Layoff

Due to the impact of COVID on the Indian economy, at the beginning of April Month companies from every industry had started employee layoffs, but now this
 picture has become more frightening.

Call center industry is also not untouched by this impact and there was a huge job recession in this period, also post analyzing the current situation it would not be wrong to say that these layoffs will happen with a higher rate in the near feature

Although the Indian government is trying its best possible to bring the economy back on track and for the same government has announced the first phase of unlocking on 
1st June but as the damage has been done and probably it will take years to regain the economy.

Fewer Job Opportunity in the market : 

What is the Future of Call Center after COVID
 Fewer Job opportunities in the market

As the Companies are laying off the employees hence the unemployment is at its peak. Old employees of companies are on the unpaid bench and others are not getting the salary of their work, In this case, it is obvious that companies will not hire anyone from outside as they have their employees who are on the unpaid bench.

Also as the coronavirus cases are accelerating in India and after analyzing the decline of the Indian economy, no new startups will take place because of the financial crisis in the market for at least next couple of years hence we can not expect new job opportunities in the market 

Even before the coronavirus, many start-ups were facing a shortage of fundraising but now after this epidemic, it seems like no one will try to attempt for startups in near future as the sponsors are also facing a shortage of money 

Less Salary Package:

What is Future of Call Center after COVID
Less Salary Package
As I mentioned above, the opportunities for new jobs are not available in the market and all the people who are fortunately associated with their company are also facing a huge percentage of a salary cut.

In such a crisis situation even if you get a job by luck, then you will have to accept the offer with less salary package than your previous one and according to the opinion of experts, this trend of less salary package will remain in the market for at least next 1 year. 

Conclusion :

What is Future of Call Center after COVID

Post the world emerging from coronavirus pandemic we can see this Call Center Industry entering into a new phase where survival of Call Centers and employees would be a big challenge that will adversely affect the Indian Economy . And this epidemic has also taught us that we should always be ready for any such Crisis in future 

So if we conclude the article we can say that the Future of Call Center after COVID  can not be predicted but yes upcoming 3-4 months are very crucial and can decide the future.

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