Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center

Importance of Roster Planning in the call center

Roster Planning is also known as ROTA. Roster Planning is a very important key feature of a call center to run the operations smoothly. Roster mismanagement can lead to some hazardous consequences like production loss, billing loss, or shift adherence deviation in an organization. 

To curb all these issues a Call Center should plan a roster perfectly. So here I am back again with today’s articles “Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center

Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center
Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center

Importance of Roster planning In the Call Center: 

A perfect roster plan contains all the list of associates and aligned them in every shift as per the call volume, also while planning the roster it should be ensured that every shift is occupied and has enough number of associates while no shift should be overstaffed.

In most of the Call Centers, a separate WFM (Work Force Management) team prepares the roster as per the call volume while in few other call centers it is the responsibility of a team leader to prepare the same.

A well-prepared roster plan can help a call center in many ways. A few of the benefits of Roster Planning in the Call Center are as follows:

Reduce Shrinkage Preparing a roster in advance can avoid unplanned absenteeism in the team. Also if you do not provide the shift or weekly off as requested by the agents than they can get demotivated and unhappy which can lead to unplanned leaves and voiding shift adherence.

To reduce the shrinkage, prepare a weekly or monthly roster in advance and speak to your team for their preferred shift or weekly off before finalizing the roster. It can be understood that being a supervisor on cannot cater all the shift or week off preference requests but you ought to decide it very carefully

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Agent’s Satisfaction Agents are the pillars of a call center and the best resource, So to keep them satisfied and motivated you need to do every possible thing with no compromise on the performance. Providing the shift and week offs as requested by the agents can be very helpful in this and agent can be charged back for the next week.

While preparing the roster a supervisor should ensure that the roster should be flexible enough so that real-time changes can be done in case of any emergency also it will not hit the manpower requirement for the day or shift and shrinkage is under control

Increasing agents’ productivity A happy agent can perform much better than the unsatisfied one. When the agents get their preferred shift and weekly off they can use the leisure time and can focus on their work.

Roster planning is also about how to use the talent of your employees and how to deploy these agents in as per their skills and shift requirements. 

Sometimes low performance of the agents could be the result of poor shift scheduling. Skills of some agents could be suited for nigh shift and some it could be in general shift hence an efficient roster planning is one which schedules the agent as per their skills and increases the agent productivity

Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center
Importance of Roster Planning In the Call Center

Cost-effective: One of the benefits of the good roster preparation is to analyze the manpower required for the particular call volume to make the business cost-effective.A poorly design roster can badly impact the key performance indicators of the call center.

For example, if you have aligned excessive agents in a specific shift in comparison to the call volume it can increase the idle time and reduce the occupancy while if you have rostered fewer associates in a specific shift as compared to the call volume it can result to call accumulation in the queue which results in excessive pressure on the agent which can make them irritable 

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Intact performance indicators: Sufficient manpower in a call center is the baseline of all the performance indicators decided by the client. If your shrinkage is under control you can push the throttle of available associates to achieve the target also in case of any emergency you can handle the situation.

This way a planned roster can lead to intact performance indicators. Also, one good reason for roster planning is that you get to know about the performance of the agent whether the agent is a good performer or an underperformer

In a call center business, one needs to understand that it runs in 24*7*365 availability hence roster planning plays a very crucial role in performance and efficiency. For the smooth run of operations, your roster should be planned as per the client requirement and call volume

So these are some advantages of pre-plan a roster in the call center

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