5 Most Commonly Asked Questions in BPO

5 Most Commonly Asked Questions in BPO

If you want to share your financial burden with your family, want to be financially dependent, or want to earn a decent salary along with continuing your studies, then BPO or call center can be a good choice.

5 Most Commonly Asked Questions in BPO
5 Most Commonly Asked Questions in BPO

Needless to say,  BPOs are in vogue among the youth, however, it is not an easy task to crack the interviews of a reputed BPO. Although the questions asked in the interview are general and if you have done a lot of practice and proper hard work then you can easily pass the interview.

In today's blog, we are going to discuss the 5 most commonly asked questions in most call centers or BPOs and how you can answer these questions convincingly to recruiters.

"5 most commonly asked questions in BPO"

Q1. Introduce yourself:

Every interview starts with this question and is one of the most commonly asked questions in every interview irrespective of your domain and industry.

How to Answer:

As a candidate, you first need to understand the intent of the recruiter about this question. Sometimes the recruiter asks the question to break the ice and start the conversation, while few recrutires actually want to know about your career history. You can easily sense the intent by the body language of the recruiter.

In either case, you have to deliver the answer flawlessly. Here are some proven tips to answer the question.                         

  • Sit in a correct body posture and keep your voice confident.
  • Start your answer with your self-intro , academic qualifications and, career history.
  • Always mentioned your top achievements in your career.
  • Structure the sentences in a way that the recruiter does not have to ask counter questions.
  • Keep it crisp and clear and wrap the answer in 2-3 mins max.

Q2. What do you know about BPO?

This question recruiter will surely ask, when you are a fresher. The intent behind this question is to check the candidate's communication skills and how much he is aware of the industry.

How to Answer:

The best is to answer the question is to prepare for it in advance. Even if you are at the interview venue, you can just google the answer from any website.Always remember the below pointers to answer the question:

  • Always be prepared to answer such questions and plan them in advance.
  • If you have already prepared even if you have memorized the entire article, still you should choose only to answer as much as the recruiter has asked.

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Q3. Why do you want to join BPO?

This question will be asked by the recruiter to understand what is the reason behind your interest in BPO industry. Is it financial independence, pocket money, earning with learning, or any other reasons? On the basis of your answer, the recruiter will further process your application for other rounds.

How to Answer:

Let me remind you here that the answer to this question can impact your selection, so answer this question judiciously.Below are some tips to answer the question:
  • Always share the truthful reason why you want to join the BPO industry.
  • Even if you want to join part time or for pocket money, say it confidently with the right choice of words.
  • If you are still unclear how to answer say to develop personality and communication skills.

Q4. What are your strength and weakness?

Irrespective of the domain or industry you are in , this question is always thrown by the recruiter. By this question, recruiter wants to understand your strength or weakness which may or may not impact the organization's performance.

How to Answer:

The best way to answer the question is to understand the job requirement. You can do a self-assessment and should know that if your weakness is going to impact your work performance. 

For example: If you are working for a BPO , as a customer service representative you should understand that you will be working with a group of people and with some irate customers hence if you are "shot tempered" or "impatient" this job is not your cup of tea.

Nevertheless, if you can cope with these weakness , you should explain the recruiter about  you plan of action to improve your weaknesses.

Q5. Why should we hire you?

This question may be asked at last by the recruiter. The intent of this question is to understand that what value addition you can offer to the organization as compared to other candidates.

How to Answer:

As a fresher it's not easy to answer the question but here are some tips you can use to answer the question

  • Prepare the answer in advance.
  • Mention your strengths and how it can benefit the BPO and its customers.
  • If you have some additional skills e.g,good typing speed and knowledge of computer applications mention that as well.
  • If you have done any specific course which serves the same purpose as a call center i.e customer satisfaction or hospitality that explain the recruiter how you can value add to the company.

In addition to above mentioned common questions, there are some aptitude tests and examinations which every candidate needs to undergo to finally make it to the offering of a job. One such test is the AMCAT test which is nowadays a common aptitude test which every candidate has to appear

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