What is Call Calibration in a Call Center

What is Call Calibration in a Call Center

"Customer is King of the market". This quote by Harry Gordon is not only a statement but a mantra that depicts the significance of customers in every business. 

After the remarkable growth of BPOs in INDIA, nowadays every company is outsourcing their customer service segment to a call center. One of the main reasons for that is every call center focuses on delivering a high-quality experience to a customer when the customer interacts with a call center representative. 

What is Call Calibration in a Call Center
What is Call Calibration in a Call Center

To achieve this goal there are several programs conducted by the call center. A few of the common good practices are mentioned below.

1. Call/Chat audit to gauge the quality

2. Refresher training to improve the quality scores.

3. Mentor-Mentee program for new hires

4. BQ management to improve the score of bottom performers.

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, there are several other practices that depend on the nature of the business and client requirements. One such commonly used process adopted by most call centers to improve the quality score is Call /Chat Calibration.

In today's blog, we will discuss in detail "What is Call/Chat Calibration importance of calibration in a Call Center".

What is Call/Chat Calibration?

Call calibration is a process or a part of quality control activity whose main goal is to minimize the variance in quality scores and also to ensure that all evaluators and teams are on the same page on every quality parameter while auditing a call or chat for quality standards.

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For a better understanding let's take the below example:

Let's assume there are 5 calls that were audited by 3 different departments i.e Quality, Training and Ops, with variance in the quality score

To ensure the quality scores are rated fairly the call calibration sessions will be conducted. In this session, every department will put their reasons for scoring every parameter of call quality.The output of this session is to identify why there is a variance in quality scores and how all departments can be on the same page going forward.

Benefits of conducting Call/Chat Calibration

In this section, we will discuss why call calibration is important in a call center and what are the benefits of conducting call calibration sessions.

How to improve Customer Service in Call Center

Below are 4 main benefits of conducting call calibration sessions

1. Improve the Quality Score:

One of the main benefits of conducting regular calibration sessions is it helps in improving the quality scores. The ultimate goal of every quality control activity is to lift the quality scores. By means of calibration sessions as well, every call center aims to elevate the quality score.

Participating teams i.e Ops, Training and Quality, in calibration sessions not only evaluate the quality parameters but also discuss on how agent errors can be minimize for fatal parameters. 

These all efforts result in improved quality scores.

2. Minimize Variance:

The other benefit of calibration sessions is that as a collaborative team, we can work on minimizing variance in quality scores. When multiple departments audit the call or a chat there will be a certain variance in scores of different quality parameters and to avoid this variance calibration sessions are conducted.

Calibration sessions help to understand the logic behind every rating and what should be the idle scores for a quality parameter and what is the logic behind the scores.

3. To prevent favoritism:

One other benefit of conducting calibration sessions is to prevent favoritism. When many teams do the auditing exercise in a call center, then the chances of one team being biased increase, because every team wants to show good quality scores of their team, in such a situation, it is necessary to conduct some such sessions which are able to verify the authenticity of, along with exposing favoritism (If any).

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This exercise will not only prevent from being bias, but will also result in healthier competition and professional relationships.

4: Inputs from team:

Conducting calibration sessions can also help you to get input and feedback from different teams.These inputs can help you determine how to make quality and calibration sessions more interesting and effective, as well as how to elevate the quality scores of an organization with the help of every team's mutual cooperation.

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Calibration sessions are only successful only when conducts regularly and attended by a maximum audience. Hence, if a call center is struggling with quality scores and streamlining call quality then I think call calibration sessions are the best way to mitigate this.

Calibration sessions are not only limited to call quality but also can be conducted in case a call center is handling chat , back office, or ticket-related domain.

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