Most used Microsoft Tools in a Call Center

Most used Microsoft Tools in a Call Center

Irrespective of the industry you are working in the use of Microsoft tools is everywhere. Whether it is Excel or Outlook or Word, preparing dashboards or communication without Microsoft tools seems impossible nowadays.

5 Most used Microsoft Tools in a Call Center
5 Most used Microsoft Tools in a Call Center

If you are working in a BPO and serving as a team leader or working for other senior posts then you must be aware of Most used Microsoft Packaged in a BPO. And if still you are still puzzled about the common Microsoft tools (Packages) used in BPO or Call Centers then this article will answer all your questions.

Before looking into commonly used Microsoft Packages in BPO, here is a list of the 10 most used Microsoft tools in different industries for different purposes.

1. Outlook -      Communication through Mail.

2. Word-           To Write documents

3. Excel-           Preparing Dashboard and reports.

4. Power Point-To To Prepare a presentation.

5. Forms-          To create Surveys, Polls, etc.

6. One Note-     Digital Handwritten notes.

7. Visio-            Prepare Flowcharts.

8. Teams-          Organisation Messaging App.

9. Sway-            Similar to PPT to create the presentation.

10. Access-        To handle data on a large scale.

Now let's look into the Most Used Microsoft tools in Call Center

1. Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is one of the most commonly used Microsoft tools not only in BPO but in other industries as well. Excel is a simple spreadsheet that is used to prepare dashboards, reports, analyses, etc.

If you are a team leader then you must be proficient in this tool as this is one of the basic eligibility criteria to apply for any leadership or other managerial role in BPO. 

Though if you are not well versed in Excel, the good part is that you can learn the basics of this in 4-6 weeks.

2. Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is also one of the most used Microsoft packages in any corporate sector. Outlook is primarily used to communicate between 2 parties through the mail. It also provides its user the facility of marking important mail by color coding and categories.

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In addition to sending or receiving mail outlook also offers you to manage your work calendar, meetings, and contacts.

BPO, where mail communication plays an important role with clients and stakeholders, it is imperative to stay connected with Outlook. As well as if using zoom, meet or any other meeting tool in the office environment is inappropriate, you can use Outlook calendar to send meeting invites and attend meetings.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint:

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most powerful tools of Microsoft which is used to create a presentation for personal or professional purposes.

In BPO, where weekly and monthly performance reviews are recurring events, the role of Microsoft PowerPoint becomes more important. Hence it is also advised that if one is looking for a job for a managerial and leadership role he/she must be well versed with Microsoft power point tool.

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Although nowadays visualization tools like Power BI, and Tableau are prevailing in the market, the easily available and easy-to-learn Microsoft PowerPoint has its own utility, which is admired by professionals as well as students.

4. Microsoft Word:

Word is another power tool offered by Microsoft which is often known as MS word. Word is used to create text documents, detect grammar and punctuation errors, and editing or format existing documents.

Other benefits of Microsoft WordPad over notepad are a user can add a table, connect the link to another document, add images, etc.

In Call Center, Microsoft word can be used to prepare training documents, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), and other guides and directives for call center agents.

5. Microsoft Forms:

Microsoft Forms are used to create surveys, polls, and quality forms.MS forms offer a user the facility to invite others to view and edit the form and also if required collaborate with them.

The main feature of MS forms is that post submitting the quiz or survey you can instantly analyze the responses in the form of visual graphics i.e graphs and pie charts also if required can extract the responses to excel.

In a call center, the Quality and Training team uses MS forms to create PKT (Product knowledge test) and other surveys to get feedback from the agent.

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In addition to the above-explained packages, other Microsoft tools such as Access, Visio, and Sway are used broadly in the customer insight and analytics department of BPO.

Readers, Do let us know which Microsoft tools do you use more often?

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