Common Call Center Acronyms used in Email

Common Call Center Acronyms used in Email  

There are different ways by which you can communicate your message to others. But in the corporate sector communication through email is the primary and best way to record your conversations for future reference.

Common Call Center Acronyms used in Email
Common Call Center Acronyms used in Email

Especially in the call center industry where two parties are involved and the outcome of every metric, reward, penalties, etc. decide through the contract, the importance of email communication goes even further.

For effective communication of messages as a leader, you must be aware of email attenuates an acronym used in email communication, failing which can lead to business and revenue loss to the company.

But in case you are new to the industry and not aware of the acronyms then no need to worry as in today's blog, we are going to discuss the "Common Call center acronym used in email communication"

Try to understand and memorize these acronyms as most of these are often asked in call center leadership interviews.

Common Call center acronyms used in email

1. PFA: This is one of the most common acronyms used in the call center. PFA stands for "Please find attached".

We use this acronym when we attach an object e.g excel sheet, word file. PPT files, etc. in the email to share it with another party instead of using the explication we use the acronym PFA.

Another acronym similar to PFA is PFB but often we get confused between the two. PFB stands for "Please Find below". The difference between PFA and PFB is in the latter one we do not attach objects in the email instead we paste a grid, or a table, or write content in the email and inform the receiver that the content you are looking for is below in the email.

2. RCA: RCA is an acronym for "Root Cause Analysis". In the Call center industry as a leader, you will often encounter such scenarios where clients will ask you to share the RCA for the low performance and not achieving the metrics in a specific day or week.

You should be aware of the acronym  RCA to avoid ignominy. Along with RCA client can also ask you to share POA to improve the performance. POA is the acronym for Plan of Action.

3. FYI : FYI is also one of the most used acronyms in call centers which stands for For Your Information. We use this acronym when we have to inform the recipient about any case scenarios when originally he/she is not included in the mail or when the recipient asks to forward a mail.

Another 2 acronym which is similar to the term FYI is FYA and  FYR

FYR is somewhat similar to the FYI acronym which stands for For your reference while the FYA is used when the message requires the recipient to perform the action and stands for "For your action".

4. EOD: EOD is an acronym used for "End of the day". Often in the call center to track the daily performance client can ask you to share the performance report EOD which means the client wants the report before you log out from the shift means EOD.

2 more acronyms commonly used and sound similar to EOD are EOW and EOM.

EOW stands for End of week and EOM stands for End of Month. These acronyms are mostly used by the client to share the analysis or performance report.

EOM is an acronym for "End of Message". This acronym is used when your message is not long and can fit in the header line then you can end the message by typing EOM at the end. 

Both the acronyms (EOM) depend on the use case however End of Month is most commonly used in Call centers.

One more acronym related to the end of the month is MTD which is an acronym for Month Till Date. MTD is the acronym used mostly when you want to see any report till yesterday starting from the 1st day of month.

5. ASAP: ASAP is a commonly used acronym and stands for As soon as possible. This acronym is commonly used when there is an urgency to handle the situation. For example, if on a specific interval the AHT metrics went up high and the client wants to know the reason for same. He may ask you to share the synopsis ASAP (As soon as possible) or at the earliest.

Readers, these are some common acronyms that you can find in most of the client emails. So instead of searching for their meaning, you can memorize the above-mentioned acronyms which are surely going to help you in the future. 

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