What is APR in the Call Center

What is APR in the Call Center

The resources are the backbone of any call center. Needless to say for better productivity these resources should be kept happy in the work environment but it also becomes necessary to keep an eye on their performance. Though to gauge agents' performance in a call center, there are various reports published by the MIS team. Some of the common reports are hygiene, attendance, APR, etc.

What is APR in the Call Center
What is APR in the Call Center

In our today's blog, we will understand What is APR in the call center and what all reports can be incorporated into APR.

Without further ado, let's start with the topic. 

What is APR in Call Center?

APR is the acronym for Agent productivity report also known as Agent Performance report. As the name implies APR is a single (combined) performance report which contains the agent performance across different metrics or parameters as per the process.

"The main benefit of APR is a leader can get one view performance snapshot of all metrics of any specific agent in one place."

In the call center, the APR report is primarily prepared and published by MIS or WFM team. 

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Now let's see the performance reports included in the APR.

Metrics report included in APR:

Below are some common reports included in APR :

1. Attendance report:

One of the prime reports included in every APR is the daily attendance of the agent irrespective of the process metrics. This report keeps the daily track of agents' attendance which helps to figure out the repeated outliers in terms of attendance.

If the agent is a frequent outlier then you can also assume that the agent could be probable attrition.

2. Hygiene report:

The hygiene report is the agent-wise report that shows the shift adherence, break adherence, time on avail, unproductive aux, etc.

This report gives you a glimpse of the basic hygiene of any specific agent even though the agent's performance is excellent. This also helps you to understand the pain area of an agent.

3. AHT:

One of the key metrics irrespective of the process is "AHT".AHT stands for the Average Handling time of the call which shows the time consumed by an agent to handle a call.

The calculated AHT is not only Talktime but also includes the hold time, tagging time (wrap time) and finally disposing of the call.

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4Wrap Time:

Though as mentioned earlier Wrap time is a part of AHT but mostly in APR this parameter is shown differently. The primary reason for this separation is to analyze in which segment the agent is consuming more time i.e "talk time" or ''post call tagging''.

Once you are able to identify this you can easily work on reducing the AHT by focusing on the high-time-consuming segments.

5. CPH:

CPH is an acronym for Calls /Chats per hour. This report is primarily to show the number of calls or chats taken by agents in an hour.

One key insight a leader can get from the CPH report is if on a specific day one agent has a high number of calls with low AHT or fewer calls with high AHT then both scenarios are alarming of data fudging or work dodging by the agent.

There can be multiple other reports which can be fetched in the APR that depend on the process and client requirement. However, as a leader, if you want to have rigorous monitoring of your team then you check the APR on regular basis.

One major benefit of the APR report is there are less chances of work dodging or being highly unproductive on days when the team leader is not available.

All in all the APR report is a bible for a team leader which contains all the required reports to gauge the agent's performance.


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