What is Verbatim Analysis in Call Center

What is Verbatim Analysis in Call center

Most enterprises prefer to outsource their customer service part to a call center or a BPO. One of the major reasons for this preference is the skilled customer support associates who are available round the clock to assist customers.

What is Verbatim Analysis in Call Center
What is Verbatim Analysis in Call Center

However, it does not guarantee 100% customer satisfaction because there may be several scenarios that are not under the control of call center experts.

But to analyze the customer's sentiment or VOC (Voice of the customer) there are various analyses performed in a call center. CSAT analysis, NPS analysis, and Sentiment analysis are a few of them. 

One such important tool is the "Verbatim Tool" which helps a call center to perform a verbatim analysis of customer feedback which further helps to take corrective actions to improve the customer experience.

In our today's blog, we are going to discuss the "Verbatim tool and analysis in Call Center.''

Before going through with the analysis part let us first understand what is ''Verbatim Tool''.

What is Verbatim Tool?

The meaning of the word "Verbatim" is anyone's voice exactly in the same words as it was spoken or written.

So a verbatim tool collects the customer voice/ feedback exactly in the same manner as it was said and with the help of its inbuilt library, it provides different categories of customer sentiment which helps to understand and analyze customers' experience with a product or the company.

Now let's understand... 

How does a Verbatim Tool works?

Before using the verbatim tool you must ensure that you have the library which will help to identify the customer sentiment.

The library is a collection of categories that can be designed manually and can be changed as per the nature of the business or as required by the client.

Below is the sample snippet of the library for customer service

In the above snippet, as you can see wherever there is a word "product", my library is categorizing it as a product issue, and where there is a word agent library is categorizing it as agent feedback.

Likewise, you can customize the library and categories at your convenience but just keep in mind that for every word there is only a unique category.

Further after categorizing the library, you can import your customer verbatim along with the unique chat ids and run the verbatim this tool will give you the outcome in the form of various unique categories which can be analyzed further to identify the customer's pain areas.

Simple, isn't it?

Let's understand more about the verbatim analysis.

What is Verbatim Analysis in a Call center?

The verbatim analysis is a type of analysis that is performed with the help of a verbatim tool to understand the customer's feedback and further improve their experience

With the help of verbatim analysis, we can identify the top categories of customer feedback which can be helpful to prepare an action plan for mitigating the customer's negative experience.

In the chat process, one of the major KPIs of every call center agent is to focus on CSAT ( Customer satisfaction) and NPS (Net promotor Score). To get a CSAT or NPS at the end of the chat agent sends a survey form to the customer to rate his experience with the product so far. Customers rate his/her experience on a scale of 1-10 and also write feedback (verbatim) if required.

Analysing this feedback helps to identify the customer's pain areas and to improve the customer experience in future.

"Verbatim analysis" is primarily used to find the root cause of low NPS or CSAT scores.


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