Non-Voice BPO and its benefits to customers

Non-Voice BPO and its benefits to customers

Technology has played a significant role in every industry. The call center industry has also seen some major advancements in technology. The introduction of IVR, chatbot, and click-to-call features are some major inventions in recent years.

What is the Non Voice process in BPO
What is the Non-Voice process in BPO?

A call center offers several ways of communication with its customers. One way is where the customer has to dial the number of customer care and hold the phone for a while before speaking to the call center executive is known as the voice process and another one is where the customer can just tap an option of "chat service" and he/she can get connected with the support specialist in a few seconds is knowns as the nonvoice process. In the latter, a customer can share their concerns by just typing instead of wasting their energy by speaking.

While it is obviously the customer's choice to opt for the medium of communication with the call center support but with the increasing trend of "chat service" facilities and the introduction of the "chatbot" feature customers find it very convenient to connect with the customer care with just one tap from anywhere.

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In today's blog, we are going to discuss "What is the Non-voice process in BPO?.

Non-Voice BPO:

As the name refers to and mentioned earlier Non voice process is a medium of communication where customers need not speak to customer service support rather he/she can just type their issue and can get a resolution.

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Communication by means of chatting, mail, or text can be categorized as a "Non-voice process".

Benefits of Non-Voice BPO to customers:

Let's look into other possible reasons in detail

Good riddance to Cacophonic

One of the major reasons why the customer prefers nonvoice communication is to get rid of the stinging sound while the IVR connects to you a real customer support associate.

I remember when the call center facility was provided by only a few brands and the technology was also not that advanced then it used to be very irritating to hold the phone for hours and wait for your turn. Even more irritating was caused by the music in the ear while waiting.

"One Tap" Connect:

The other feature why customer prefers to choose a chat medium to connect with customer care is to get started with just one tap. Unlike voice medium where you have to dial the number and then hold the phone by hand until you are connected with the customer support executive.

Easy Access for anywhere:

One of the key features of nonvoice (chat ) communication is the ease of availability. It means you can initiate the chat with customer care anytime anywhere and from any device i.e mobile, tablet, or laptop/desktop.

Nowadays every brand has launched applications to ease customer service so that customers can initiate a chat with just one tap on app.

Ticket raising facility:

Another good reason why most customers chose nonvoice communication is that companies provide them ticket raising facility, the benefit of which is that the customer logs the ticket to his concerns by visiting the company's ticket portal and feeds his convenient time for the callback.

A customer care executive follows up on the time given by the customer and resolves his issue.

In this entire process, the customer gets rid of holding the phone and spending hours in queue and waiting for his call to be handled by someone.

Images and screenshots:

I think the biggest advantage of communicating with customer care through the "chat option" is that you can share images, videos, and screenshots so that it is easier for the care team to understand your issue and you can also expect a quick resolution.

For example, if a customer ordered food from an online portal but customer gets an insect in that food, then instead of connecting with the voice mode where a customer does not have the facility to share images customer can opt for the nonvoice i.e chat medium to share images videos of food so that customer care executive will also understand the issue and can initiate refund or compensation.


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