Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center

Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center

With the growing technology in Call Center Industry. AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Chat Bots are replacing the call center agents. By the next decade, it seems that Chatbots can approach the edge of the Call Centers. So my today’s article is on Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center

Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center
Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center

Chatbot and its advantage in the Call Center

Chatbots are playing a crucial role in engagement with customers and improving customer service experience a day on day. There are numerous advantages of Chatbots over the call center agents. The main objective of incorporating the Chatbot model is to eliminate the time gap to respond to a customer. It would not be right to say that Chatbots are replacing human call centers completely but they are committed to delivering better customer service along with customer service agents

Let’s examine the topic ChatBot and its advantage in the Call Center in detail 

But before that first understand what is Chat Bot 

What is Chabot?

A Customer Service  chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence software that can be defined as a virtual call center agent and uses a specific program of machine learning to assist the customer and to answer some basic questions. Apart from providing prompt response to customers, ChatBots can also route the chat if required for better handling of queries and complaints

Advantage of ChatBot in Call Center 

Now let’s examine how ChatBot can help in the manual call center. So here are some Advantage of Chatbot In Call center 

Eliminating latency in response time: One of the biggest reasons behind introducing the Chatbot is to eliminate the latency in responding to the customers. Before Chatbot customers used to be lined up in queue over the phone to get the query resolved. Other than that there is no way you could have hassle-free communication

But the inception of Chatbot gives the facility to the customer to get instant response through live chat which is a time-saving feature. This feature of the chatbot is mostly used in an e-commerce platform to eradicate the time gap to respond to the customer.

Replacing IVR System: This feature is one of the most robust features of ChatBot. IVR can only route the call to the call center agent while a chatbot does much more than merely routing the calls by answering customer queries and basic questions in real-time.

The flexibility of Chatbots is more than of IVR. Nowadays Customers prefer to have a chat instead of speaking to a customer service agent over the phone. Also, one drawback of the IVR system is that it doesn’t understand the language and emotions of the customer while Chatbot can communicate to the customer like a human. So no wonder these are few of the reasons why the IVR system can get replaced or can shrink to minimal use

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Reducing customer service costs: As per the prediction of customer service industry experts, Chatbots can help to reduce customer service costs by up to 30%. As mentioned above the incorporation of a Chatbot is to eliminate the latency in response time and answering up to 60% of frequently asked questions. 

Chatbot reduces the number of agents required for the same task and customer queries in the Call center which leads to significant cost reduction in customer service. This cost can be used to expand the business further.

Improving and Increasing CSAT
Increasing CSAT

Increasing CSAT: FCR (First Chat/Call Resolution) is a parameter to measure Customer Satisfaction. Higher the percentage of customer’s query got resolved in the first attempt then chances are higher of increasing Customer Satisfaction 

 Call Center Chatbot does the same thing. With advanced Artificial Learning technology, Chatbots can provide canned responses or information to the customers which can help them to resolve their issues within a shorter period. Besides that, if required Chatbot can also route the customer to the best agent or queue available to attend his query.

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Round the clock customer service The Call center industry works round the clock with rotational shifts hence every shift should be occupied with sufficient manpower. But rostering human call center agents for 24*7 *365 can be a tough task with a limited number of agents also it affects the operational costs.

Providing a platform for customers to raise the query and get answered any time is a big comfort which also increases customer satisfaction and retention. Implementation of Chatbot is a huge relief to provide 24*7 customer service with instant response

I hope this article will help you to understand the role of Chatbot in the Call Center and it seems that by the next couple of years Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot can takeover the Call Center completely.

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