Voice Process or Non Voice Process

Voice Process or Non-Voice Process

Planning to make a profession in Call Center sector however finding it difficult to choose the right process then this article answers all your questions and gives you the clarity related to Voice Process or Non-Voice Process 

Voice Process or Non Voice Process
Voice Process or Non Voice Process

The call center is a customer-centric industry. Hence to help a customer we've got mediums (Voice and Non-Voice) through which customers can interact with the call center representative and vice versa. As both Voice and Non-Voice process have their very own advantages and disadvantages, howeverthis article will assist you to get more clarity about the subject and will help to choose the right one.

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So Let’s not  beat around the bush and start the topic “Voice Process or non-voice Process ” in detail

Voice Process: Voice Process Jobs include interaction with customers or clients over the phone either by inbound customer service or for outbound telemarketing. 

Let's understand what is inbound and outbound voice process in brief

Inbound Voice Process: This process handle voice calls related to customer service, tech support, or other customer queries. A customer can make the call to the call center for any support and can be resolved by any customer service representative over the phone 

Outbound Voice Process The outbound process is the medium to outsource or promote a specific brand. The outbound process is a bit difficult than inbound customer service as an executive needs to gain the attention of the customers to convince him and to sale the product

As in the voice process, you directly interact with customers over the phone hence you need to take care of your telephone etiquette very carefully, a small rude or sarcastic reply can make angry customers, which can result into serious escalation and further can leade to termination from the process

he Voice process is comparatively difficult than the Non –voice process.

Non-Voice Process:  In non-voice process agents interact with the customer through email or live chat.

Unlike the voice process, this does not require a phone system to connect with the customers. Non Voice process consists of two ways to connect with the customers

Chat Support: Chat support or live chat support is the same as in inbound customer service, just a difference of the medium to communicate with the customer. In chat support, an agent should be spontaneous enough to resolve the customer query. The chat volume or the traffic in the chat support is higher due to that most of the chat supports are available 24*7

Email Support: Unlike chat support, email support is quite easy because this does not require a spontaneous reply to the customer instead an agent needs to work on his mail etiquette and drafting skills. An agent should be skilled enough to resolve the customer’s query in a shorter span and in a systematic way.

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Which one is better voice or non-voice process 

In Call Center environment beginning your career with the right process, results in a smooth and bright future while choosing the wrong one can make you seriously ill. Although both the process are two sides of the same coin which ultimately focuses on customer support and service nevertheless you ought to understand the difference between both of them so that you can choose the process according to your skills

So, in the end, I would like to summarize this article with two points.

If you love to interact with customers over the phone and proficient in sales or convincing skills than voice process suits best to you

But if you are a reserve and introvert person and do not like too much interaction over the phone and also possess skills in email and chat support than the non-voice process is the best option for you.

So here is the introduction and difference between the “Voice Process or Non-Voice process”.Although as I mentioned earlier both the processes have their benefits and demerits however as per your experience and skills choose the right option so that you would not regret it later

Hope this article clarifies all your doubt related to “Voice Processor Non-Voice Process”

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