How to keep Call Center agents happy

How to keep Call Center agents happy

How to keep Call Center agents happy

Call Center agents are said to be the pillars of an organization. So keeping them happy can significantly impact the customer experience and performance of the Call Center. But unfortunately, it's been observed that most of the organization overlook this fact and brainstorm in finding other troubleshoots to enhance the Call Center performance 

In this article, I will share with you some tips on How to keep Call Center agents happy

How to keep Call Center agents happy

How to keep Call Center agents happy

How to keep Call Center agents happy

Call center agents attend thousands of customers in a day and the surrounding environment plays a pivotal role while handling queries of the customer. If you create a cheerful and happy environment around them this will surely affect their interaction with the customer which can result in satisfactory customer feedback.

Apart from good customer experience, keeping the agents happy can also help in the retention of the agents which in turn increases the performance of the organization and also a cost-effective measure for the call center.

Without further ado let's examine the tips on How to keep Call Center agents happy

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1.Rewards And Recognition: Encouraging the employee is the best way to provide recognitionRewards and Recognition programs are a good way of boosting up the agent's performance and motivating them. More or less every call center does it weekly or monthly to inspire other agents to touch the bar.

Apart from RNR programs several other programs like Fun activities and other initiatives that can give the monetary benefits to agents are also helpful to keep them happy and retained in the call center for a long.

Refer and Earn is also a good scheme to keep employees happy at the workplace, wherein agent can refer one candidate to the organization and can get some piece of the amount as a referral bonus which can also benefit the HR in terms of candidate arrangement 

Rewards and Recognition
Rewards and Recognition

2.Frequent Training programmers: Irrespective of the tenure of the agent they require frequent training to enhance product knowledge. As per the customer experience and products in the market, several changes happen on the product. So this is necessary that all agents in the call center are well aware of all the recent changes in product details.

Conducting frequent training sessions will also help to find out the poor performers and to work on their skills. It is better to work on low performers instead of ignoring them which can make them happy 

3.Team building Sessions: Apart from training sessions a call center should also conduct events or sessions on team building at regular intervals to keep the agents motivated and cheerful. These sessions will helpful for agents not only to learn leadership skills but also the agent will learn how to build a strong relationship with co-workers.

Team building sessions are also helpful to break the ice between team members and seniors." All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" this famous proverb is rightly applicable in the call center environment as well. Undoubtedly call center is a place where the workload is very high but to make your agents happy and productive you ought to take some initiative and these sessions are one of them.

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4.Offer regular IJP (Internal Job Posting): IJP (Internal Job Posting) is one of the most sought after process what the agent look forward in call center.No one wants to remain the same position for a longer period, everyone wants to get promotion and wants to take new responsibilities.

So being a call center manager you should ensure that whenever a new position available you should provide the opportunity to the old employees from the organization rather than hiring a candidate from outside. This will not only motivate agents to perform better but also keep your old employees retained and happy.

Announcing regular internal job postings and promotions will also create a positive culture and environment in the call center.

How to keep Call Center agents happy
How to keep Call Center agents happy

5.Provide agents trending technologies There is no doubt that call centers are in vogues amongst youths. And today's youth is tech-savvy. Hence if you want productive employees in the organization you should supply the right tools to them.

There is no point in expecting awesome customer service and good performance from agents if you are not providing them the right tool to work and navigate.

Nowadays, as technology is rising we have better in-built customer management software, dialers, and analytics software. You should introduce the latest and easy access software to the agents in which they can track their performance, leaves, management announcement, and other important updates about training products and knowledge.

A final note:

Attirion rate is an ongoing problem in many of the  call centers. These tips are proven and very useful if your call centers retention rate is very low and attrition percentage is very high. Apart from these tips you can also introduce some other initiatives and exercises to control your attrition .

According to research and studies it is evident that agents want to stick to one place when they feel happy and surrounded by a positive envoirnment. Keeping call center agents happy at workplace benefits you in many ways .Call center performance , Higher customer satisfaction ,expension of business are few of them.

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