How To Improve Performance Of WFH Agents In Call Center

How To Improve Performance Of WFH Agents In Call Center

The year 2022 was an era of change. When the Corona pandemic began, every industry was compelled to arrange a work-from-home set up for its employees. For most industries, it was a completely new challenge, that needed to be embraced anyhow.

How to improve performance of WFH agents in Call Center
How to improve performance of WFH agents in Call Center

The Call Center industry is also one of the major industries affected by the CORONA pandemic. Arrangement of work from home set up for every employee and embracing new technologies for a smooth transition from work from the office to home are some of the biggest aspects that needed to be focused on by an organization's prospect.

Improving agents' performance while agents are working from the home is still a challenging task for a team leader. 

In such a situation here are some tips to improve the performance of work from home agents in the call center.

Real-Time Monitoring:

Real time monitoring is one of the most effective tools used in a call center to monitor agents for real-time activity. Especially, when the agent is working from home it becomes even more necessary to keep a real-time check on agents.

The real-time monitoring tool is not just only to keep a check on agents rather you can audit calls and perform other real-time activities like extracting reports, figuring out bottom quartile agents.

Daily Sessions:

When you are working from remote it becomes imperative to connect with your team on daily basis or at regular intervals. Daily sessions help you to keep connected with team members and also play a pivotal role in boosting agents' productivity.

Just schedule 15 mins to preshift virtual sessions with agents and ask about their issues any challenges they are facing and what extra support they want. These sessions are very helpful, especially for those agents who are either new to the system or need regular monitoring and support from supervisors.

Regular and constructive feedbacks are very necessary to improve the team's performance. Hence a team leader can utilize these daily sessions to not only just listen to agents' queries but also to share the feedback with agents.

During the Work From Home model, it is very necessary to share regular feedback related to performance and call quality.

Create a Team Group:

Nowadays it is not difficult to keep all your team members under one roof virtually. There are so many applications by which you can create a team group. Applications like Whats app, telegram, Microsoft Teams, and messenger are to name a few.

Creating these groups can help you cascade any real-time update, track team members' attendance and assist them in real-time scenarios where they need your intervention.

A whats app team group is also helpful when a team leader has to share the hourly reports or any other important report. Cascading an important message/report to a team group is quite easier than calling agents and explaining it one by one.

Assign dedicated support:

It is not possible for a team leader to be available each and every second to all different team members. There are times when as a team leader you will have to be part of different seasons, business reviews, and other events so a backup individual should always be there to support the agents in case of your absence.

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Hence team manager can assign a dedicated support or SME (subject matter expert) who can be the first POC (point of contact) for team members with regard to the issues related to a product or general queries.

Assigning an SME to the team is helpful in 2 ways the first is it provides standby support to the team second is the grooming of the SME to a supervisory level.

Virtual RNR:

RNR is the abbreviation of Rewards and Recognition. These sessions are extremely helpful to boost employees' motivation and performance.
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While agents are working from home, conducting RNR could be a challenge but if you want to boost teams' productivity that RNR programs are worth conducting. 
In these RNR sessions, you can announce the top performers of the week or month and share their gift vouchers virtually. Winner announcements and gift vouchers can encourage other team members to work their best.

So, readers, these are some proven tips to improve the performance of agents working from home.

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