Sales process and benefits of working for sales in a call center

Sales process and benefits of working for sales in a call center 

If you are willing to kick start your call center industry career, there are two options: Inbound and Outbound processes. Often new candidates choose the inbound process, because of fixed shift timings and a bit of job security as compared to outbound processes, esecially in sales . 

Sales process and benefits of working for sales in a call center Sales process and benefits of working for sales in a call center
Sales process and benefits of working for sales in a call center 

Needless to say that these benefits are just for the short term and if you keep a long-term goal in your mind, always opt for the outbound process. 

In a call center, there are different LOBs (Line of business) defined under the Outbound process, few of them are mentioned in the diagram:

and many more...................

So today's article is about the sales process and the benefits of working in the sales process.

Before knowing the benefits of working in the sales process, let's first understand what is the sales process in the call center?

What is the sales process in Call Center?

When a company or an enterprise outsources the sales and marketing of their product or brand through a call center then this methodology is known as Sales Process in Call Center.

Benefits of Working for Sales process in call Center

There are several benefits of the Sales process over other inbound processes. The top 5 benefits are mentioned below :

1.Lucrative Incentives:

The ultimate goal of an employee to join the organization is to earn more and more money. One of the major reasons to join the sales process is the lucrative incentives and bonuses offered by various companies. The main purpose of these incentives is to ensure that the credit of an individual does not get unnoticed.

These incentives can be announced during the weekly/monthly Rewards and Recognition ceremony or during town halls. Some of the organizations can offer you an international or domestic travel trip, goodies, and monetary benefits.

You can have an idea of the incentive received in a sales process from the fact that sometimes a sales agent draws more monthly salary than a team leader or manager.

2. Limitless Growth:

Amongst all the processes in a call center, the Sales process is one that offers you exponential growth in a short span of time. If you are able to perform well in a span of 6 months you can apply for the IJP (Internal Job Posting) and become an SME (Subject matter expert) or an Assistant Team Leader.

There are many success stories where within the span of 10 years individual started from a sales advisor and reached up to the Director level.

By following sales strategies you can also easily reach at least the managerial level within a short period.

3. Enhance Communication skills: 

By the way, there are so many methods to improve your communication skills, and joining a call center is one of them. In a call center, the sales process is a great place to work on your English communication skills. Most of the youths join the call center,especially the sales process so that they can speak to a maximum number of customers and can enhance their communication skills.

Enhancing communication skills does not only mean improving English speaking skills but also enhancing the skills that how well an individual can effectively communicate with another person.

4. Fixed week offs/ No odd hrs shift:

If you are working in India then as per the TRAI guidelines you can not make a telemarketing call to a customer on Sunday, which means you can enjoy the fixed week off on Sunday, unlike the inbound customer service shifts where you get weekly off as per the client demand.

The other benefit of working in a sales process is to get rid of night shifts or extension of shifts post 8 PM. As mentioned above TRAI (Telecom regulatory Authority of India ) has a clear direction that no call center can make telemarketing calls to any individual on Sunday and after 8 AM during weekdays.

In addition to this, if you are able to achieve the sales target before the assigned deadline, you have the privilege to leave early from the shift. 

5.New Skills and Learning:

In the sales career, you are not going to be bored any time. You have to interact with several customers in a day and every customer has a different mindset, and approach hence it is evident that you will have something to learn every morning. 

If you are new to the sales domain you are definitely going to learn the below skills with your upcoming experience and customer interaction :

  • Communication skills
  • Convincing skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Resilience
  • Retention skills
  • Selling skills

and the list is endless.......

Needless to mention that above-mentioned skills are not only going to help in the current job but also in the future wherever you go these skills are ought to have in your resume 

Sales process in a call center is an evergreen domain. So if you want to start your career in the sales process start working on your sales skills.

So readers, here our today's article ends.

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