What is RAG analysis in the call center

What is RAG analysis in the call center?

RAG analysis which is commonly known as EWS ( Early Warning System ) and also can be termed as RYG tracker is one of the most common terms used in a call center. This term is primarily used to analyze the attrition percentage in a call center. RAG categorization is not only used to identify attrition but also to analyze the performance of agents.

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What is RAG analysis in the call center
What is RAG analysis in the call center

What is RAG?

RAG is an abbreviation of a group of color-coding wherein R stands for RED, A stands for AMBER and G stands for GREEN.

EWS in Call Center

These color codes are basically used to identify agents who may or may not continue with the organization. As mentioned this analysis is done in advance of the next month that is why it is also known as EWS ( Early Warning System) which means an early alarm has already been raised by the supervisor/manager to the management.

In a call center or in any organization there are few employees which as a leader you can easily identify according to their performance or behavior that these agents will continue in next month or not, while there are some employees who are happy with the work culture and organization and they would not leave the organization. This analysis in the call center world is called  RAG analysis or EWS.

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Let's understand it by an example

Suppose there are 30 agents in a team. Post observing their working attitude, their performance, behavior, and other aspects at the month-end the team leader submit the report as following 

10 agents who have been complaining regularly about salary and work culture or any other issues during the month  are marked RED

10 agents who have not been vocal about issues but somewhat dicey or easily influenced by the other agents are marked AMBER

10 agents who are tenured enough and happy with the work culture, salary, and infrastructure  are marked GREEN

So the % calculation of the RAG category is mentioned below

Benefits of RAG/EWS

  • By RAG analysis you can assess the % of agents who are going to attrite and accordingly can give requisition to HR in advance for backfilling to ensure no impact on business 
  • You can conduct counseling session with the agents falling under the RED and AMBER category to retain them 
  • Overall business health depends on RAG analysis of a call center for upcoming projection and clients
  • RAG analysis gives you the root cause of agent dissatisfaction. If in any organization there are 20%-30% agents falling under the RED category for the common reason then the organization needs to work upon the same 
  • Apart from attrition analysis RAG categorization also used to analyze schedule adherence, the performance of agents and to identify bottom quartile agents.

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Topics for RAG preparation

To get an accurate analysis of attrition below are some topics a team leader should discuss with a team member (one o one)

  1. Issue related to management, organization, or infrastructure.
  2. Issues related to company policies (leave policies, salary policies, HR policies, etc)
  3. Is he/she getting the proper support from the supervisor?
  4. Any suggestion or inputs to improve the organization and policies
  5. How is he/she planning to go to the next level?
Ideally, on the basis of the RAG report submitted by the team leader, the manager should counsel agents falling under the RAG and AMBER category to control attrition %


Overall the RAG report is a must to analyze the overall organization health and employee satisfaction. Though the RAG analysis is an important tool of an organization to analyze the manpower attrition but as this analysis purely depends on prediction and judgment so we can not rely cent percent on the results.

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