What is stack ranking in BPO

What is stack ranking in BPO?

The term "Stack Ranking" was first introduced by Jack Welch in the 1980s former CEO of General Electric. This technology was primarily an approach to talent management, to train new skills, and for recognizing performance. Stack Ranking has been used by top companies like G.E, Microsoft, Apple to make a decision on promotions and terminations.

What is stack ranking in BPO
What is stack ranking in BPO

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What is stack ranking in BPO?

BPO is one of the few industries that rely heavily on manpower. And with this manpower comes the responsibility to recognize and retain the talent.

Stack ranking in BPO is used to measure the overall performance of individual agents and rank them(top to bottom) according to their overall statistics performance, this ranking can be further use to reward an individual or to issue a warning letter if an employee is underperforming.

In a Call center or BPO an agent's performance can be measure by below statistics :

Hold time 
Service Level
and etc.

It can be very hard to measure the comprehensive performance of your agents in a balanced way
So stack ranking is a great way to analyze the overall performance and work on improvement areas of an agent

Benefits of Stack Ranking in BPO:

As mentioned above, there are many advantages of stack ranking in a BPO which can help you insight into improvement areas. Some of these advantages are as follows:

Rewards and Recognition of extraordinary performance in a timely manner build confidence in an individual to work with more productivity and results. With the stack ranking in your hand, you can find out the best talent of your team.

Coaching to the new or fewer tenure agents and the ones who are not working and productive. Sometimes prepares of only stack ranking would not work, post preparation a leader needs to analyze the ranking and figure out the agents who can be polished and invest resources to coach these agents and employees

Training and Development of new skills on the floor. By Stack ranking and categorization of your agents, you get to know about a particular statistic or KPI in which an individual agent failing to perform. You can train and develop that particular agent to overcome the said KPI

Yearly appraisal can be defined on the basis of the agent's performance and with the stack ranking ready you can have the measure of overall performance This ranking you can prepare monthly, quarterly or yearly which can help you to process yearly appraisal accordingly. Also if you have the policy of monthly bonus Stack ranking can help you in that as well.

Termination of unfruitful employees Stack ranking analysis can easily give you the picture about how many percentages of your employees are productive and what is the ratio of unproductive employees. Keeping the ranking in your mind you can make a decision to hire and fire employees.

Healthy competition: Flashing the stack ranking can boost the morale of productive employees and can create a culture of healthy competition amongst the employee which ultimately can give benefit to the organization. Healthy competition can benefit not only customers but also the business in different ways. Quality service, learning, knowledge grasping, and innovative thinking are a few of them.

With every advantage there comes a disadvantage. Stack raking has also some demerits.

Many argue that stack ranking is arbitrary and creates negative work culture and that's the reason why Microsoft has stopped using this ranking to analyze the performance of employees,.Many have discovered that Stack ranking has done more harm than good.

Many companies discovered that by the implementation of stack ranking employees have started competing with each other rather than other companies , which resulted in lack of innovation. Few other companies have banned stack ranking just because employees were feeling cutthroat competition amongst themselves which was creating a negative environment

Although the stack ranking is obsolete now but has been the trend in the BPO industry and one of the best way to publish agents overall scorecard and promotion

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