What is call abandon rate in the call center

What is call abandon rate in the call center 

A typical call center depends on multiple functions or departments. One of the most important departments that play a pivotal role in a call center is Operations. For the smooth delivery of operations, there are certain parameters and targets decided by the client through which the performance of the call center can be gauged.

One of the most important parameters in the call center business is the abandonment rate which plays a key role in the smooth delivery of KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators)

Let's discuss the topic  What is call abandon rate in the call center in detail

What is abandon rate in the call center
What is abandon rate in the call center 

But before understanding the abandoned rate first understand abandon calls. Further to this, I would give you some proven tips on How to control the abandonment rate of the call center which is also the most common question asked by the interview panel for a Team leader or manager role.

Abandoned Calls:

A call center receives thousands of calls in a day. This incoming call flow is decided on the number of agents available in a particular shift or on a particular day. But on some days due to operation failure or any other technical or forecast issues, few calls may not be picked up or terminated by customers from another side, these unanswered calls are defined as abandoned calls

How to calculate abandon rate:

Calculation of abandon rate may vary as per the demand of the business and agreement with the client 

There are two common formulas in a call center  to calculate the abandoned rate :

1. (Number of calls offered - Number of calls answered)/ total number of calls offered 

So if you receive 100 calls in a day and you answered 95 and 5 calls got abandoned  so you can place these values on the above formula which comes to 5% of the abandoned rate

2. In some business there is a threshold of 20 secs (can be variable) to answer the calls according to the abandon rate calculated

How to control abandon rate:

Volume forecast: To control the abandonment rate the forecast of the call volume must analyze properly.For the better prediction of call volume a call center needs to analyze the last 3-4 months trend and compare this trend with the last year of the same month 

Call /chat volume depends on the city, the nature of customers, and if any new product or update launched by the enterprise. In Incall center, there is a dedicated team WFM ( Work Force Management) which primarily works on the manpower planning following the call volume but also assist in planning call volume

Real-time monitoring: To control the abandon it is very important to rigorously monitor the call queue. because sometimes due to technical glitches or other issues the call volume may spike as compared to the forecast volume. A dedicated RTA (Real-time assistance ) is always required to monitor the call flow and can take the action accordingly

Real-time monitoring also includes break management which is a key factor during the peak time when call flow is at its peak 

Manpower Planning: To control the abandonment rate it is very important to have adequate staff or agents in place for that particular time interval or day. If the manpower planning is not as per the call volume it will surely increase the abandoned rate which in turn results in customer dissatisfaction, agents fatigue, and client dissatisfaction 

As mentioned above there is a  WFM team in every call center for manpower planning.

AHT control: AHT is an abbreviation of Average Handling Time which means the total time taken by the agent to end a call which includes the tagging of the particular scenario as well. Most new agents in the process contribute the high AHT  but with the help of mentor and support staff this factor can  be easily under control which is very necessary to control the abandoned rate

Shift adherence: Shift adherence or schedule adherence is one of the most important parts of basic hygiene. If the agent is not logging in as per the schedule shift timings this can lead to high call abandonment in that particular period which in turn affects the upcoming intervals.

Apart from Shift adherence, there are other factors such as unplanned shrinkage, agents issue, floor decorum which can lead to high call abandon if not controlled

The idle call abandon rate should be below 5% but it varies as per the nature of business

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