What is Chat process in a call center

What is Chat process in a call center

Gone are the days when you have to wait in queue for hours over the telephone to speak to a customer support agent and tolerate the cacophonic sound of IVR while in queue Now you can connect with the call center with just one click and can simultaneously continue your other work.

Earlier customer had only two options to complain about  the product of a brand . Either he/she can physically visit the store or can dial the number of customer care .But thanks to advanced technology  now you need not to wait over the call to get your query answered instead  you can reach to a call center agent with live chat support and email support which is known as Chat process in Call Center

What is Chat process in a call center
What is Chat process in a call center

Let's understand it in a better way

A call center typically can be categorized into two segments:

1 Voice Process 
2 Non-Voice process

Voice Process is a function wherein a customer service agent answers the customer's query over the telephonic call only. In voice, both communication ways are over the phone call.

The non-voice process can be defined as a function wherein a customer support executive resolves the query of the customer through email or live chat.

So one of the best ways to provide real time support to a customer is via answering live chat which is know as Chat Process in Call Center

Chat Process in Call Center

As the technology is at its peak most of the brands and companies are introducing their own applications for ease of customer experience by which a customer can get the information about product ,on new updates and other answers in a single touch. 

While going through with the application if a customer wants real time live chat support it's already inbuilt in the application The customer has to just click on the live chat support option and the conversation started with the available agent on the other side.

Now the Chat support can be a chat bot or a manual agent.

When a customer clicks on live chat support and start asking questions the query lands to a chat bot and the chat bot analyse cusotmer's question and diverts to the manual agent if required .Mostly if you a customer is asking some general questions which has already been asked by the other customers multiple times than chat bot would provide canned responses but if the customer is not satisfied with the answers of the chat bot he can ask for a manual agent

As ,most of the enterprises now are more inclined towards live chat support to their customers also the call centers are finding it easy to manage the  non voice process ( especially the Chat process ) because of the low cost on assets as comparison to voice process.

But the manpower requirement for the chat process is highly skilled.

How to make a career in Chat process

If you want to start your career with a BPO or call center then the Chat process is the best option to do so but as mentioned above you should be skilled enough and spontaneous to handle 4  to 5 customers at the same time

The major difference between the Voice and Chat process is that in Voice process you need to handle 1 customer at a time but in chat support you should be ready to handle more than 1 customer which depends on chat volume and nature of business.

Job Description of Chat process :

So below is the job description for the chat process which is almost common in every call center for a premium process

  • Typing speed should be more than 40 minutes with 95% accuracy
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Good hands-on computer peripherals
  • Should possess good knowledge in Excel and word
  • Should be spontaneous to answer in a better way 
  • Customer-centric approach

Above are some key skills which you must have if you are planning to start your call center journey with chat process

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