How to increase customer satisfaction in the call center

How to increase customer satisfaction in the Call Center 

Customer Satisfaction is one of the most critical parameters in a Call Center ."Customer is the king of the market" this fact can not be overlooked. Though, new enterprises are devotedly taking care of this fact to be in the market and attract more customers nonetheless few organizations are still failing to understand this and struggling to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

In this article, I will share some tips on "How to increase customer satisfaction in Call center "

Having been for more than 12 years in the customer industry now, I strongly admit the fact that customer satisfaction can either make or break your business. Higher customer satisfaction is the guarantee of new customers and business expansion while a lower customer satisfaction rate raises alarm to brainstorm for retaining existing customers.

how to increase customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Now Let's examine the tips to increase customer satisfaction 

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How to increase customer satisfaction in Call center 

Without further delay let's have the look at the tips to increase customer satisfaction 

1.FCR(First Call Resolution): The term is self-explanatory .FCR is an important Call Center metric which is a measure of the capability of a call center to provide resolution to the customer on the first call or in the case if this is a live chat it will be calculated as FTR ( First Ticket resolution).

It is simple to understand why FCR is the assurance of higher customer satisfaction. If a call center agent resolves the customer's query on the first call it means the customer is happy and he/she would not call back again for the same issue which will also decrease the repeat call percentage in a call center.

The good FCR rate varies as per the industries but in most of the industries 70%-75% is a good score

The higher your First Call Resolution the more satisfied the customers tend to be but you ought to have a quality check on these resolutions from time to time to avoid any unethical practices from agents' side to increase FCR%.

2.Skilled Workforce: To achieve higher customer satisfaction a call center needs to hire skilled staff or train the staff as per the skills to deal with different customers. Call Center agents interact with various customers in a day so they should be multitasking in nature to provide customer satisfaction to every customer.

Needless to say, the success or failure of any business highly depends on the quality of the workforce available to it. Apart from customer satisfaction, there are several other benefits you can avail of having skilled staff, like high productivity, cost efficiency, creative minds, less monitoring and etc.

The human Resource team plays a pivotal role in hiring skilled manpower. Nevertheless, you can not expect every employee to be skillful especially in Indian call centers where the daily wages of call center employees are very low hence you must train and coach such agents to make them skillful as per the task

Training in call center
Training in call center

3.Traning of Agent: The training process is an ongoing program in the call center. Training of agents is very important as far as customer satisfaction is concerned. You should conduct as much as training sessions for agents to train them on phone etiquette, active listening, less interruption, and other soft skills which plays an important role in customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction Training is a must in a call center. An organization, who wants to maintain a competitive edge and attract more customers, must prioritize customer satisfaction. You should launch new products and focus on the quality of these products as per the demand and expectations of customers. 

Call center agents should be trained on all the latest product features to provide customer satisfaction at the first call.

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4.Advance navigation tools: While prioritizing customer satisfaction an organization needs to understand the fact that without advance navigation and other tools it is dishonest to expect a higher customer satisfaction rate from agents.

As a competitive organization, you should provide advanced tools to call center agents where they can easily navigate customer details and work on customer queries faster which saves the customer time and increase customer satisfaction. 

Another benefit of having advanced tools and machines is that your agents would be happy to work in the office which creates a positive and happy environment in the office 

5.Employee SatisfactionEmployee Satisfaction is one of the facts which often most of the organization overlooks. Incall center industry agents are the pillars of the organization and represent the brand. It's always challenging to keep call center agents happy at the workplace.

But what if these agents are not satisfied with the company's management of policies of supervisor??

Can we expect customer satisfaction from these agents??

Certainly not and these are some questions every organization should brainstorm and rethink instead of working on other facts to increase customer satisfaction.

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