What is Blended Process in Call Center

What is Blended Process in Call Center 

There are different ways by which a customer can connect to customer care and can reach a customer service representative. Live chats, Voice Call, or Emails, these are some traditional methods by which a customer can reach to customer care grievance cell.

Often a call center representative resolves or handles customer queries by anyone of the above-mentioned ways but nowadays agents are skilled and can perform multitasking which means they can handle the customer through calls and emails simultaneously.

What is Blended Process in Call Center
 Blended Process in Call Center 

Let's examine the topic "What is Blended Process" in depth.

What is Blended Process in Call Center

As the term "Blended" is self-explanatory which means the mixture of 2 or more elements. In the Call Center industry, this term is used to explain the job role of call center agents through which they provide customer service i.e voice or nonvoice.

In short, the blended process is a combination of Voice and Non-Voice process.  

Some call center deals with the blended process which means the agent can handle the customer on a live chat simultaneously can reply on email as well.

The blended process can be categorized into 2 processes

Voice and Non-Voice 

Though in my previous blogs I have explained Voice and Non-Voice process,let's understand both the terms again.

Voice Process:

As the name implies Voice process is the medium by which customers can reach the customer service representative and vice versa through telephonic calls. Further, the Voice process consists of 2 processes one is the Inbound process and another one is the Outbound process

Inbound Process is the one in which a customer makes a call to customer care for complaints and queries and agents solve the queries over the call.

Outbound Process is the one in which a customer service representative outcall a customer for product selling, verification, and feedback purpose.

Inbound Vs Outbound which one is best

In short, for the voice process, a call center agent has to use his voice to resolve the customer queries or if the agent is into the selling process he should be able to convince the customer through his voice.

Non-Voice Process

Non Voice process, unlike the voice process, does not require headphones and other tools to have a voice conversation with customers to resolve their queries.

These jobs are typically back-office jobs and interaction happens with customers via Email support, text messages, or chats support. Often in the non voice process, direct interaction with customers happens very rarely. The CRM and other applications are designed in a way where you can check customer profiles and everything like an invoice and answer the customer queries by answering chat or email

Call center agents prefer to work with the nonvoice process as compared to the voice process due to its flexibility. less interaction with customer and most importantly you need not put headphones in your ears throughout the shift

What is Blended Process in Call Center
Blended Process in Call Center 

Blended Process

As mentioned earlier blended process is the mixture of both voice and nonvoice process wherein an agent has to resolve the customer query over the phone and answer on email as well. Mostly in the blended process voice call percentage is very less and you need to attend to the customer over the chats or on emails only.

In the call center industry, currently in every domain (healthcare, e-commerce, telecom) clients are giving preference to the agents who can perform multitask and can be the best fit for the blended process.

You can find related call center jobs for blended process on naurki.com, monster.com, and other prominent job portals. But before that let's have the look over the Job description for the blended process

Eligibility Criteria  for Blended Process

  • Most of the call centers prefer graduate or MBA candidates for Blended Process.
  • Candidate should have good hands-on MS Excel and Office.
  • Candidate with good typing speed and computer knowledge.
  • Candidates with good English communication skills.
  • Candidates with flexibility in shift and work.

Having experience in a blended process can give weightage to your resume which will surely help you t to build your call center career ahead.

On this note wrapping up the article 

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