Why You Should Quit Call Center Job

Why You Should Quit Call Center Job

Why you should quit Call Center job

Quitting a job is your personal decision and you should do it if it makes your happier and healthier.Achiving goal

Post-reading this article hopefully you would get the reason"Why you should quit Call Center job"

Why you should quit Call Center job
Why you should quit Call Center job

Why you should quit Call Center job

Working in a Call Center is not so easy. On top of that to continue the journey for years is more challenging. A hectic schedule, shouting supervisor, and cacophonous environment can easily make you irritable, which can also ruin your personal life.

Nevertheless, you continue the job for your reasons.

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In this article, I have penned down a few reasons on "Why you should quit Call Center job"

Go through with the reasons and assess whether it is the right time to quit your job

Medical Reason :One of the main disadvantages why most of the people quit the call center industry is for medical reasons. Putting headphones for continuous hours can easily give you ear problems and can lead to permanent hearing loss.

A study says that one out of five cal center employees suffers from voice problems, throat problems, and hearing loss. As most of the call centers run 24*7 hence as an agent you should be flexible enough to do day and night shift. Working in different shifts may cause sleep disturbance and disturbance in a biological rhythm.

While working in a call center you may not get a break as per your biological schedule, rather as per the availability and the target achievement you would get the break. Following this unscheduled time table and an unhealthy lifestyle can adversely affect physical health.

Unhealthy work life balance Needless to say Call center lifestyle is very frantic which can spoil your work-life balance. Moreover, the pressure of achieving target and customer satisfaction can also affect your personal life.

It is a fact that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is only in the case of a sole trader. If you are working for someone else, especially in a call center you are bound to answer to your boss about the assigned target. You may be asked to stretch the shift in case you are not able to achieve the target due to which you would not be able to spend time with your loved ones.

But few proven tips can help you to maintain the work-life balance while working in a call center. 

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An unhealthy work-life balance is one of the most sought after reasons for the dispute between many professional families.

No Growth: Everyone joins the organization with the hope of growth yearly but what if you are working with a call center for more than a year now and you have not got any growth?. This is the issue with most of the call centers of not promoting agents on time or to be more precise no internal promotions.

Rather call centers to find it convenient to hire the resource from outside. This is one of the reasons why employees quit the organization in a year or two. If you are also stuck with such a call center that I believe it is the right time to "bid adieu" the call center

Why you should quit Call Center job
Bossy Supervisor

Bossy Supervisor To run a team or a process a call center needs leader rather than a boss. Agents are said to be the foundation brick for a call center and you can not overlook their efforts.A leader is the one who instead of commanding the team work along with the team to achieve the target . 

The fact is that the main reason of agent attrition in the call center is the immediate supervisor. If you are also working under such a boss you should quit the job immediately without any second thought

If you have a creative bug: Everyone has their own interest. Some like a sitting job while some like creative job culture. if you are the one who has a creative mind rather than working a monotonous job that you should say goodbye to the call center.

Call Center is not the place for a creative mindset. You have to do daily the same boring job to call customers and sell the product or solve the customers' queries over the call. This is your daily routine and you have to perform the same task till the time you do not get any promotion 

Concluding Remarks:

Why you should quit call Center job

Though I do not give suggestions to anyone to quit the job without any backup plan as your financial load and other responsibilities depend on your job only and that's why most of the time you thought to quit the job but could not.The decision of quitting the job should not be taken in hurry.

So readers ,before making the mindset my suggestion is to read this article first , and if you find aforesaid reasons within you to quit the job and if you are all set ,go ahead and put down your papers

On this note Let me thank all my readers for showering love for the previous article.

I will Post my next article soon.

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