Qualification for working in the call center

Qualification for working in the call center

Undoubtedly the Call center industry is one of the biggest industries growing rapidly. Due to the inception of the e-commerce platform, this industry has taken a giant leap in growth. Unlike the mid-90s, the call center industry is very demanding now hence if you are planning to start your career with call center you should be skilled and multitasked.

Without further delay let’s start the topic “Qualification for working in the call center

Qualification for working in the call center
Qualification for working in the call center

Qualification for working in the call center:

Unlike other industries, working in a call center does not require specific education qualifications. But having said that, it is also true that added educational degrees and certificate courses in your resume always outshine you from the crowd.

Though you need not be a math wizard to get hired in a call center. But as this industry is customer-oriented hence a candidate must possess few skills and expertise which is a mandate to serve the customer.

So let’s understand “Qualification for working in the Call Center”.

Matriculation: Basic educational qualification to start the career with a Call Center is that you must possess the intermediate or equivalent qualification.Though some international call center requires a minimum qualification of Graduation and above or some equivalent degree.

Also as per the constitution of India, you should be of 14 years to work in India. As the call center requires minimum intermediate passed out candidates, hence one agent should be of 18 years when applying for the call center job.

Good Communication Skills: Call center industry is customer-centric and for serving customers an agent must possess good communication skills. Understand this, Communication does not mean that you should be proficient in English speaking, but how well do you communicate with customers to resolve their queries.

There are 6 distinct types of communication skills. The call center agent should polish verbal communication skills. To get command over communication skills, you ought to keep practicing and should be eager to learn new things

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Computer Savvy “Computer Savvy “term can be defined as the one who is proficient in computer skills. In the Call center, there are two ways to communicate with the customer either by voice or non-voice process. Voice process is something in which an agent communicates with the customer over the telephone and updates VOC ( Voice/Comments of Customer) in the computer or system . While, Back office, Live Chat, and communicating through messages comes under nonvoice communication.


 In both, the processes agents require expertise in computer skills. So a candidate should be an expert in computer skills if applying for the call center job. Though not all call centers make it a mandated requirement but non-voice call centers requirer a computer savvy candidate.

Multitasking is one of the skill or quality every company nowadays look for because the company can utilize the candidate in a different task and can save the cost of manpower. If you can perform multiple tasks in the Call center than you are the desirable candidate for hire

The role of the call center agent is to communicate with the customer, simultaneously the agent needs to write all the communication that happened between him and the customer into the computer system. Failure of which could lead to the agent’s job termination. So if you are excelled in multi-tasking than you are the right fit for the call center job

Problem Solving Skills
Problem Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills: This skill is one of the most sought-after skills that employers seek in the candidate or job applicant. A call center agent must be dexterous in problem-solving skills. In the call center, you will face many different customers of different nature. Your problem-solving skills only help out to tackle such kind of customers.

Active listening to customer’s queries and analyzing the issue can help you to respond to a customer impressively. Problem-solving skills will help you to resolve the issue effectively and quickly.

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So these are some basic skills and qualifications a candidate must possess before applying to the Call Center. As mentioned above these skills can vary from process to process and call center. But you should always add new feathers in the cap.

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