Myths about the call center industry

Myths about the call center industry

Myths about the call center industry 

If you have ever plan to start your career with the call center industry and asked your friend or relatives for suggestions then surely you would have heard some myths about this industry.

But hold on…………… this article is going to burst all your myths and will compel you to rethink your choice.

Without more ado, let's start the topic "Myths about call center jobs"

Irrespective of the industry you are planning to join you would always find some facts and myths about the industry and if we talk about the call center industry myths are more prevalent. I have been in this industry for the last 15 years and have closely observed it.

So today I want to prick some of the myths related to this industry.

And here are the top  Myths about the call center industry

Myth 1.Monotonous job The most common myth about this industry is that the call center jobs are monotonous in nature, there is nothing new to learn in this. Daily you go to the office and take calls and the next day repeat the same job.

Undoubtedly Call center job is a tedious one, but if you will see every industry has the same repetitive job. It is your attitude, commitment, and eagerness to learn something new which excited you to go and redo the same job again.

Myth 2.No work-life balance This is not the case with the call center or BPO industry but with every other private industry has the same story. Round-the-clock shift and day in day out job is leading to the disappearance of personal life.

Nevertheless, if you pre-plan your routine and work, you can easily get rid of this enigma. Always check the shift timings before choosing the job role or call center. Like if you are a night owl International call centers and inbound call centers are best however if you are comfortable with the day shift choose the outbound call centers. This will solve 90% of your problem of No work-life balance.

Rest other routines like meditation, exercise, no unnecessary stress, holiday planning can also help you out to maintain work-life balance

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Myth 3. No career growth One of the well-received myths about the industry is that there is no career growth in the call center job. However, having been in the customer service industry for more than a decade now I can strongly condemn this myth and can claim that if you have knowledge and skills you can easily grow in this industry.

Career growth depends on your skills and attitude, not on your stability. Being a stable or tenured employee you can show loyalty to the organization but it cannot give you desired career growth. So to raise your career graph you need to be open for feedback, need to add new skills in your resume, and work towards your negative loopholes.

Career Growth In Call Center
Career Growth In Call Center 

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Myth 4.Thankless Job This myth is the most prevalent one amongst all. And to be honest this myth is not a myth but a fact. But having said that this is also true that it is not just for the call center industry it applies to all industries. 

You do the best of your part to get appraised but somehow it all goes in vain.

There is nothing called a thankless job. If you expect nothing from somebody you are never disappointed” this proverb is a nutshell of private job philosophy.In any job assuming your back to be patted every time is a wrong expectation. Do not keep the high hopes with the company, always give your cent percent to the task assigned to you.

Myth 5 Call centers are for losers No I do not agree with this. Do You? The call center industry is like other industry which is helping the Indian economy to grow and contributing a significant part to the GDP. My point is when you are contributing to our nation's economy how you can be a loser??

Gone are the days of the mid-’90s when you do not have any qualifications or skills and you get a job in the Call Center industry, In today’s era 80% of the top brands are outsourcing their customer service to the call center and to deal with the customers' traffic of these brands you need highly skilled and multitasking associates.

Myth 6 AI is replacing call center agents  Needless to say that Inception of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and chatbots are surely going to improve the customer service of the call center. But that does not mean AI is replacing human call center agents, not possible whatsoever.

Human Call center agents can never be replaced by any robot or machine language. The biggest reason for this is that robots fail in emotional intelligence. The chatbots cannot empathize with the customer they can only route the chats or call while the agents can empathize as well as sympathize with the customer at the same time. Also when we talk about creativity AI is not smart enough to do it better than a human.

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So here are some popular myths about the call center industry which are not correct. So next time if you are planning to begin your career with the Call center ignore these myths and read the facts.

Hope this article has helped you in a better way to think about your career with Call Center Industry

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