Career in Call Center, Call Center Skills ,Salary and Life

Career in Call Center, Skills, Salary, and Life :

Career in Call Center, Skills, Salary, and Life :

Carrier in Call Center, Skills ,Salary and Life

Hello Friends, 

Our today's topic is about call center career, salary, and life. A few hours ago I was searching in google about Call center Industry while  I was going through with the Google question hub and found so many questions related to these topics but unfortunately found few answers which create a misconception about call center, also I observed that any of the anonymous person answering the queries who do not have any knowledge about call center or who is not related to this industry.

In my previous blog also I had introduced about the call center but that was a very short article, today I will discuss in detail about what is “call center “ what is the scope of the carrier in the call center, what is the salary package of different level and effects of a call center in the young generation. 

So without further ado let’s start today's topic :

I have been working in the call center industry for the last 10 years and have expertise in handling operations, quality, and training. During these years and while working in this industry have experienced many absurd questions. You would have heard that the life of call center employees is very hectic, day and night rotational shifts, and scolding of the boss makes them irritable in nature or there is no life for call center employees and salary is very low as compared to other industry

We first start it what is a call center?

Call center or BPO ( Business Process Outsourcing ) is a third party organization which works as a bridge  between the customer and parent party for customer service or selling of a product

Let's understand it by an  example :

Suppose there is an e-commerce company “Flipkart “in the marked and you have bought a TV from Flipkart, now if you would face any issues related to this product  you need a contact center in which you can escalate your issues, that is where a third party comes in the picture  which is assigned to handle the customer of Flipkart which is called a call center 

Why need 3rd Party for customer Service or Sale?

Now the next question arises why we need a 3 rd party to handle the customer why flip kart cannot have its call center. So the answer is here:

If Flipkart or any other e-commerce company starts his call center it would be very expensive, the salary package of call center associates in  “in house” or the parent company is very high and besides this to maintain its market credibility for employee satisfaction they have to spend a lot on their employees in terms of, incentive, transport, meal, and other stuff while In the other hand if the call center is at 3rd party there salary is comparatively less to the in-house employees and can be utilized more than the in house associates.

Let's move to the  next topic 

Carrer in the call center?

I have mentioned this topic in my previous blog nevertheless I will explain herein detail. 

Incall center as per the survey in the year 2019, 60% crowd are from engineering background while  10% are from other industries, rest others have done either simple graduation or just started their graduation. 

The fact is that in call center no one comes to pursue this as a career but as time goes on with friends and culture of call center we are used to it and coincidentally take it as a career. If I talk about myself I am also an engineering diploma holder but after 3 or 4 years of struggle in the field of engineering did not find anything fruitful so I moved to this industry and now working as an operations manager with a handsome salary.

So the matter of fact is that whatever career you choose does not work half-heartedly, work with full dedication and surely you will get paid off

Basically, in the call center you need these skills  to make a career :
People management skills, Leadership Skills, Quality, Bonding with team and seniours, Punctual In time, Good customer serving skills, How to handle your subordinate, your boss, and most important is your client?

If you have above-mentioned quality there is no stoppage for you in the call center,

You can start your career as an associate than as per your interest  you can move on to different departments like Operation, Quality, Training, HR, IT Admin, etc 
So within 2-3 years of experience, you can hold a good position if your behavior and numbers are good

Our next topic is 

Salary of Call Centre executive and others 

It depends on what position you hold and in which call center you are working in, as in the market you will get 2 types of call center “International and Domestic “. Also, a few factors like you are working for a premium process or a base one, location which you are working either in metropolitan or a small city 

You can understand this by the below level-wise table  
BandPositionCall CentreSalary Pay Scale (In Rupees  per month)
1Executive, Subject Matter ExpertDomestic15000-25000
2Team Leader, Quality Auditor, Trainer, Sr Team Leader Domestic25000-35000
3Assistant /Deputy Manager, Manager, and Sr ManagerDomestic35000-60000
4AVP, VP, AGM, GM Domestic80000-200000
4CXO levelDomestic200000-500000

Impact of Call Centre on today's youth :

Today Globally  Call Centre industry is very growing and impacting on our economy, Specially in India, the Call Centre industry is now a support system for many youths. Today's youth is dependent one we are moving toward the culture of western countries, where a teen can look after himself after 18 years of age, So today's youth want the liberty and following their dreams and for that, they do not want to be dependent on anyone, so they are joining call center for ease.

So this is all about today’s topic, hope I have clarified all your doubt and misconception about call center industry, Is you have any other question you can post it in the comment section, I will be ready to give answers 

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