Salary in Call Center

Salary in Call Center

Call Center industry is one of the most booming industries in India and that is the reason why this industry is in in vogues among youth. Amongst all other motives, one of the motives is the handsome salary paid by the industry motives one of the reasons is the handsome salary paid by the industry at the preliminary stage. So Today’s article topic  is “Salary In Call Center”

Salary in Call Center

Like other industries “Salary in Call Center” depends on  the designation, experience, and your expertise.As per 2019 reports the average salary of a Call Center representative in India is Rs 192900 per year, which means on average a call center representative earns 16000 rs per month. Though it depends on the city and Call Center you choose to work for that how much salary you earn nevertheless if you are working in metropolitan cities and in a reputed call center you can earn a great salary 

Let’s discuss the topic Salary in Call Center in detail

Salary in Call Center:

As mentioned above Salary in Call Center depends on your designation and expertise. In this article, we will ascend the hierarchy pyramid with their respective salary range. In the call center, you start a career with Call Center executive than move on step by step towards the apex

1 Call Center Representative:A Call Center representative is one, who is the face of a specific brand to the customer. To get hired as a Call Center representative you do not need any specific educational qualification or any experience, though a good experience can be an added advantage in your salary CTC.

It also depends on the call center you are working for. If you begin your career with an International Call Center your initial salary could be 25k-30k per month,whilst if you join a domestic Call Center your monthly salary could be around  10k-20k per month .But you can add up in your take-home salary by getting other perks and incentives.

2.Team Leader: Team Leader commonly known as Floor supervisor is the first step of your career growth in the call center. Team Leader is the one who is accountable for a number of agents aligned in his bucket. So after becoming Team Leader as your designation gets a hike your salary would also be revised.

In India, if you are working with an international call center as a team leader your salary could be 30K-40K, while a domestic team leader gets an average salary of 25K-30K per month. If you get internal promotion in your organization this salary hike is as per the policy or offer letter.

Salary in Call Center

3.Assistant ManagerAssistant Manager is one level up position than the team leader. Average Salary of an A.M is 30K-40k in a domestic Call center, while if you are working for an international call center this could go up to 40K-50k.

This position requires good experience and excellent expertise in this domain. Needless to say that Client Interaction, People Management, achieving SLA, and assisting operations manager are few of the primary key skills for this position.

4.Operation ManagerOperations Manager or Senior Manager is the top managerial position in the call center. This position pays you a handsome salary but also you need to be on top of your performance .Average Salary of an Operations Manager can pay up to 10 LPA.

Operation Manager Plays a pivotal role in managing a soothing operation and he is the whole and sole of the process. An operation manager is an accountable person for the performance of his process, hence he gets credit for the best performance but he should also be ready to face the criticism and consequences on port performance

So, Readers, this is the “Salary In Call Center ” for position up to the managerial level. Post Manager Level one can reach up to the position of CXOs level and can get the salary hike according to the same. Reaching up to the CXOs level can take years of experience and excellence in expertise.

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