How To Improve Typing Speed For Call Center Interview

How To Improve Typing Speed For Call Center Interview

If you want to start your career with a Call Center or with any Data Entry company you must have excellent typing skills to clear the interview. So today’s topic is “How to improve typing speed

How to improve typing speed
How to improve typing speed

Typing skills are not only confined to the data entry project or for back-end jobs in a call center but this skill is used in many other sectors as well. So to be a "pro" in this skill you ought to polish your typing techniques daily and keep practicing to master in typing skills.

So  here are a few tips and tricks on “How to improve typing speed

1. Choose the right keyboard: While accelerating your typing skills you ought to pick the 

proper keyboard. In old design keyboards, keys get stuck, which adversely affects your typing velocity if you are a beginner. The keyboard comes in different shapes and sizes and if you are a beginner, choose a branded keyboard with a larger size of keys so that you can grip it well.

After regular practicing, you can keep the size and impression of keys in mind and type accordingly.

2. Finger arrangement on the keyboard: Finger arrangement is very essential if you want to master the typing basics. Proper and right finger arrangement on the keyboard will not only help to focus on the screen while typing but also help you to relax your fingers.

While typing, keep in mind the below tips:

Hold your left hand 4 fingers (excluding the thumb) on keys “A”,” S”,” D”,” F”, keep space for one key “G” and then keep our right hand 4 fingers on “H’,” J’,”k”,” L”.

Keep both the thumb to press space. This finger arrangement is an idle arrangement to enhance your typing skills

Keep left hand 4 fingers to strike numeric keys “1,2,3,4,5” and upper row in keyboard “  ‘Q, W, E, R, T”

Keep right hand 4 fingers to hit numeric keys “6,7,8,9,0 “ and upper row in keyboard   “Y, U, I, O, P”

3. Eyes on screen: Often people look down at the keyboard and start typing, but these are not symptoms of good typing learners. Looking at the keys and typing will make your speed slow so you need to keep your eyes on the screen while typing. Though in the beginning, you would experience it very difficult and the error percentage will be high but with the time and practice you can have the command over it and you can type without seeing the keys on a keyboard.

Using this technique will not only increase your speed but also typing this way will impress your boss and colleague

4. Body posture: Your complete body posture plays a vital role during typing. Your back part of the body should be properly supported. Keep your shoulders relaxed and in a comfortable position. The important thing is your palm and wrist which should be off the desk while typing. Some people are comfortable to type while their wrist is on the desk.

Your foot position must be planted flat on the floor. Do not sit with a cross leg because it makes an uncomfortable posture. Keep your keyboard at a good elevated point to type.

5. Practice regularly: "Practice makes a man perfect" this proverb is very practical. To master typing skills you need to practice it consistently.

If you need to enhance your typing velocity as fast as possible, you ought to exercise as a whole lot as you may. Try for at least half an hour a day, though you can do it longer if you want to see faster results.

One of the best ways to practice is to keep practicing for the same passage frequently, this will increase your visualization of the impression of keys which will result in less error and fast speed. While practicing ensure the first accuracy instead of speed and try to hold the grip on the keys

If you have tried to improve the typing speed but did not find desired results you can join typing classes.

6.Take the online typing test: 

How to improve typing speed
Online Typing Test

I will suggest you to practice your typing speed for a month to hold good command on keys and screen and later on to check how efficient you are you can self-assess yourself by attempting typing tests on different platforms and applications available on the internet

The best platform to attempt your typing speed is typing master and these platforms are free of cost and not paid for one

Post login, one specific passage or paragraph will appear on the screen, you need to retype the paragraph. Often these assessments are of 1 or 2 mins, however, you can select the test duration as per your comfort.

At the end of the test, your typing speed in WPM(words per minute) along with the accuracy will appear on the screen and it will show your efficiency and improvement

So Friends these are some tips on "How to Improve typing speed"

I hope all the above tips will be very useful . Please share your thought about the article in the comment box.

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