Roles and Responsibilities of Team Leader in Call Center

Roles and Responsibilities of Team Leader in Call Center

In the Call Center environment getting a promotion is not an easy task and with promotion there comes the responsibility. Team Leader role is the first step of your promotion journey and before you take this ownership let’s understand “Roles and Responsibility of Team Leader in Call Center

Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in Call Center
Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in Call Center

Roles and Responsibilities of team leader in Call Center

Team Leader role in Call Center is all about taking accountability of the aligned team to you. If your team is performing good you will be applauded and rewarded but if the team is doing bad you are only accountable and should be ready to face the heat. Apart from working on the team’s performance, there are several other roles and responsibilities to be performed by the Team leader i.e., team management, roster management, conduction sessions with the team, etc.

Roles and Responsibilities are commonly known as KRA (Key Responsibility Area) of the team leader. 

Without further ado let’s start the topic “Roles and Responsibilities of a team leader in Call Center”

Team Management: Team management is the ability of a Leader to manage a group of members in such a way that the assigned target should be performed successfully. Little or No altercation amongst team members is a sign of Good Team Management Skills. People management should be the primary key skills and responsibility of the team leader. 

The Bond between Team member and Leader should be like any time you need that member he should be flexible enough for the availability. A team leader is accountable for every act of his team, be it shift adherence, floor behavior, and other factors.

Roster Management: A planned roster is a need of every organization to avoid any chaos and for the smooth delivery of tasks. A Roster is a register or catalog of employees who are aligned in a particular shift for a day or entire week. In Call Center industry roster planing is the pivot around which our operation and customer service revolves.

Thus a Team Leader should be proficient enough to Prepare and manage his team’s roster. Though in most of the call center one dedicated team (WFM-Work Force Management) is aligned to plan the roster as per the forecast,but a Team leader should also aware of roster planning.

Shrinkage Control: Shrinkage is the count of agents absent on a particular day while they were aligned to the shift. Shrinkage is the major key parameter that can ruin your day’s or month’s performance if not controlled by a team leader. Hence this is the prime duty of a team leader to plan the roster accordingly to avoid shrinkage impact 

A team leader should be able to control shrinkage or be ready with Plan B to avoid any impact on the performance in case he is experiencing shrinkage. Shrinkage does not only impacts your team’s performance but can be an excessive burden on the rest of the team members.

Employee Retention: Retention of employees or controlling attrition is one of the biggest challenges in the call center industry and a team leader is directly accountable for this. Hence to retain your team’s members you should pre-plan the sessions and try the best possible to control attrition 

You should take help from this article on tips and tricks to control attrition 

Controlling attrition is the key performance of Team Leader. Keeping your old employees in the bucket is not only beneficial but also scale up your overall team’s performance. Promoting an old employee is much more cost-effective than hiring a new one with a higher salary.

Coach team members:

Roles and Responsibilities of a Team Leader in Call Center ,KRA of team leader
Coaching Team Members

 As an effective team leader you should coach your team member’s on “how to achieve the assigned target” and also to develop necessary skills. Taking a pre-shift or a post-shift session is also a good way to coach team members.

To make coaching successful you need to initiate 2-way communications, which means you should ask questionsAsking people what they want from the coaching process goes hand-in-hand with communicating well.

By coaching team members you get to know about the weakness or strength of a particular team member so that you can work on the agent accordingly.

Floor Support: One of the main responsibilities of a team leader is to assist the agents on the floor while interacting with customers. The role of the team leader is not only about to command but also to work on ground level hence a team leader should have adequate process knowledge to support agents on the floor.

Apart from supporting sometimes if the customer is asking for a supervisor call, he must be ready to take a supervisor call to provide an instant resolution.

Improve the low performers: In every project, all team members cannot be equivalent. Some are excellent performers, some are average and some are poor performers. This is the core responsibility of the team leader to work on the bottom performers

Firing an agent because of low performance is not the solution and does not indicate leadership skills instead a true team leader should always work on the weak team members to improve their performance

I remember a quote by Henry Kissinger, which summarize this point:
The task of the leader is to get their people from where they are to where they have not been.

Leadership, Management, Guidance, Leadership Skills
True Leadership

The team leader in the call center works as the guardian for the team members. Hence he ought to nurture the team member like his own family. Apart from pampering them a true leader should ensure that it will not impact the performance of the team

So here the topic ends “Roles and Responsibilities of team leader in Call Center
Hope you like this article.

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