What is Call Center dialer its types and how it functions

What is Call Center dialer its types and how it functions

In an outbound call center to generate leads, make sales, or to retain a customer dialer plays a very significant role. Choosing the right mode of dialer can give excellent results in achieving the desired outcome also it can increase the occupancy and productivity of the agents. So today’s topic is about What is Call Center dialer its types and how it functions

What is Call Center dialer, its types and how it functions
Call Center dialer

In the Call Center environment often we use 3 dialers: Predictive, Progressive, and Preview dialers. Using any of the dialers depends on the nature of the business process, customers to be targeted for and data points to be consumed

Before going ahead with the types of dialers, let’s first understand What is a Call Center dialer and how it functions.

What is a Call Center dialer?

A dialer is a machine function that allows you to dial and place an outbound call from a call center to a customer. The idea of implementing the dialer is to reduce the manual efforts by not spending time on physically inputting the numbers

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How a Call Center dialer functions

Understanding the function of the dialer is very easy. There is a separate dialer team that regulates the dialer function or for the dialer pattern. For the data points to be consumed, first the data made error-free to avoid any duplicity in numbers. After uploading the data points the dialer assigns the call to all the available agents who are ready to take calls or sitting in idle mode.

After disbursing all calls to agents, the next pending call in the queue would be assigned to the agent who will finish the call first or will be in idle mode.

Types of Call Center dialer:

As mentioned above, there are 3 basic dialers used in every call center

1. Predictive dialer: This outbound dialer functions mostly use to consume the calling number at a faster rate, also it increases the productivity and occupancy of the agents.

Predictive dialer automatically dials the number already fed in the system and when the customer picks up the call, dialler assigns the call to any of the available agents. In this dialer set up, you cannot hear the ring sound hence the available agent has no time to fetch the customer details in the system before the call.

The predictive dialer ensures the max connection rate with the customers. Predictive dialers mostly used in collection or retention processes

2. Progress Dialer: This outbound dialer function dials the customer number and unlike the predictive dialer, the agent can hear the ring sound. This dialer allows agents some secs to see the customer details while the customer phone is ringing.

Progressive dialer mostly uses to call to those customers who are non-contactable for a long time also by this dialer mode idle time can be reduced which means an increase in agent’s occupancy.

3.Preview Dialer: Preview dialer allows the agent to preview the customers' details like phone number customer name, customer address, and other required information before dialing the number. In preview dialer agent can manually click on dial post checking the customer’s details or else he has also the option to skip the call

Before picking any dialer mode you ought to understand the scale of your business and customers you are aiming for.

So here is the topic ends What is Call Center dialer, its types and how it functions

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