Types of Call Center ,Call Center Industry In India

Types of Call Center, Call Center Industry In India,

Types of Call Center, Call Center Industry In India,

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Our today’s topic is about the Types of call center, Call Center Industry in India and services offered by call center 

Types of Call Center ,Call Center Industry In India, Services offered by Call Center

Call Center or BPO industry is one of the booming and fastest-growing segment in India and across the globe today. In India this culture was started in the mid-90s. The demand for Call center services has been growing with a 50-60% annual growth rate per year in India.
And It is no wonder that Indian BPOs handle 60-65% of the world's business process outsourcing.

 And if I talk about metropolitan cities i.e.Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, these are the hub for Indian BPO Services. Specially Gurgaon is attracting an extensive number of global corporations with its world-class infrastructure. The city is called IT And BPO capital of India It is no surprise that almost a more than 500 multinational companies from all over the world have set up facilities in Gurgaon.

Let’s now discuss how many types or processes of call center through which communication happens between a call center executive and client or customer . As our technology is going advance day on the day so is the medium between customer and call center executive. Also call center is not only about talking to client but somewhere it is also about to  feed the data of the customer into the system and machines 

So let’s not beat around the bush and come to the topic.

Our First type is :

Inbound call Centre: As the name implies it is a contact center where any customer can communicate with the agent for their issues related to the product they have bought or any query he wants to know about, or for real-time troubleshooting issues.

An inbound call center is primarily backbone of the BPO industry which handles around 60% of customer traffic from India and across the globe.

Our second type is:

Outbound Call Center: The second type is of the Outbound call center, in which associate call to the client or customer through  Outbound call center which is majorly in the sales process, where one sells the product of the third party to the customer. 
These types of contact centers also use for verification of third party employees, to take feedback on the product or for customer retention or collection .we will cover this topic in detail in my next article.

Now we come to Processes in a Call center.

There are various processes in a call center which increase time to time as per the customer’s demand and technologies available in the market to reach to the customers  

Voice Process: Voice Process you can find in most of the Call Center and BPO organization, this is a common way of communication between customer and executive.
 To establish a Voice Process BPO You need a dialer a system and a headphone connection to connect with the customer. In multinational BPO’s infrastructure is humongous so is the set up of Call Center, and to control the same we need a dedicated IT and Dialer team to avoid any bug in technology

Email Process: As the name suggests in this process communication happens through Email between customer and associate. This communication medium majorly used for inbound type wherein customer is not in a hurry and can expect a revert within 24 business hours 

Email process is primarily for Internation Processes like a customer from Australia or America finds it more comfortable to communicate over email instead of voice call 

Chat Process: Our third process is the chat process, which means a customer can communicate with associates by just using the mobile application and on tips of the finger.As the technology is getting advance this medium is taking over other mediums in the Call center segment and now trending. 

The benefit of this Chat process is an associate can handle 4-5 customers simultaneously at a time, which shorten the queue of customers and improves the productivity of associates 

Back Office/Data Entry: Back Office or we call it data entry as well, In this process, there is no communication happen between customer and associate but to validate the data of the customer to feed the details of the customer in the system than Data entry comes in picture.

One interesting fact about the BPO industry is: 75%% of India's Call center industry's revenue is from contact centers, 15% from data entry work or back office and the rest 10% from information technology-related work

Types of Call Center ,Call Center Industry In India,Services of call center in India

Services BPO’s offer to customers:
Sales services: Also called telemarketing in which interacting with projected customers to generate lead of sales for the new product.Also to Up-sell and Cross-Sell to already existing customers.

Customer services: Inbound call center services for addressing customer queries and providing real-time troubleshooting through Voice call, email, or live chat.

Tech-support services: Thes kind of services offered mostly in International call centers for international customers It includes product support, troubleshooting, usage support and problem resolution for computer software, hardware, peripherals, and other systems related issue

Insurance Selling: Insurance Selling Cross-Selling to customers, claims processing, policy management 

Data entry: Data entry of customer’s details, data processing form books, e-books, websites, data mining for calling, bills and mailing list 
Verification: Verification for the third party payroll employee, or verification of employee with previous organization his track record with last organization, etc 
Lead generation: Few BPOs provide Lead generation for different companies, or it can be termed as the hot lead for the company

Online research: Few BPOs helps the customer for internet search, product and, market research, market surveys, analysis of the product, 

 India is currently ranked the number 1 destination and junction to outsource a business through Call Centre or BPO, as most companies in America, UK, Australia prefer outsourcing all IT-related business from India rather than other countries in the world.

So, friends here I end my article of today, I know this has gone a bit longer than usual but hope you would like it.

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