Why BPO after engineering ? What is BPO?

Why BPO after engineering ?

The most common question  If  you attend the interview in any BPO or call 
center or any other industry .

Why BPO after engineering? or Why this industry after engineering ?.

Is unemployment the reason for this question or other factors ?

So many questions????  Lets find out .....

In today's competitive era getting a  job after completion of engineering is not an easy task  .You need time , link ,sources and also the main is financial back up  to survive in struggling days as an intern.

Why BPO after engineering, unemployment after engineering
Why BPO after engineering
In Such state  students who do not have above resources to survive ,switch to low competitive industries thinking that just spent for initial 1-2 years and than will move to their respective sector .

But truth seems to be different .

Is it the only reason B Tech Grads are migrating to BPO or Call Center Industry or there are several other reason??

First  understand what is a BPO 

What is BPO or Call Center ?

BPO is abbreviation of Business Process Outsource.

Which means an organization 
which is either selling product or providing customer service for a third party corporation or company is called BPO, means working as a third party for parent company.

To understand this in layman language their are 3 component in this :

  1. Base Company :For  which we are selling or providing services to customers.
     2. BPO    :  which is a mediator between first party and customer for                   outsource.

     3.Customer :To which we sell a product or provide customer service 

BPO is not limited to selling or customer service , but it is very vast topic and can not be covered 200 words so will give you detail about this in next blog .

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Meanwhile for basic understanding this is outline of BPO.

Now coming back to the main question,Why BPO after engineering?

Why B.Tech graduates are progressing to BPO industry?

According to the Ministry of Human 
resource development  (HRD) 

India has 7000+ engineering and
technology institutes  and 
around 1,500,000 engineers are released per year and if 
we will look at the job stats  per year 

which is very less as compared to released graduates. .

But hold on ,this is not the reason for engineers migration to BPO industry, rather other side of story is very shocking .

As per the Annual Employability  Survey 2020 - 80% Indian engineers are not fit for the 
jobs in terms of their expertise,knowledge skills and the reason for this is that we have B.Tech Institutes in every street ,with the tag line  "No entrance just donation".

So due to unemployment these student search for a job where in they can earn something ,
also can survive for some time . But after spending 2-3 years in the call center industry ultimately they get trapped in the swamp and can never leave again.

Roles and Responsibilities of Call Center Agent

Also BPO is the only sector where they do not need to work hard or to crack multiple interviews rather if you are good at communication skills that all what BPO industry wants 

By this article I do not want to demean any industry and as the mater of fact 
BPO industry is also renowned one and making an impact on Indian economy and has shown a significant rise in GDP from  1.2%-5.4% in last financial year  .

Hope this article gives you the actual reason of unemployment of engineers and why BPO 
after  engineering?

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  1. nice article to read .Pleaes write an article that is there any way that we btech grads can search for job parallerly with BPO