Inerview Questions and Answers for Team Leader role BPO

Interview Questions and Answers for Team Leader BPO

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Our today’s topic is Interview Questions and Answers for Team Leader BPO. When you climb up a ladder from associate level to become a team leader, your leadership skills matter a lot which makes you a valuable team leader

Keep in mind the same thing I have prepared FAQs as per my experience of 10 years in this industry. These questions and answers surely will help you to clear your interview and will groom yourself as a team leader also by this article you will get to know about the latest trend in the market to screen the Team leaders and Managers for On Job Role
Inerview Questions and Answers for Team Leader role BPO

So here are the Interview Questions and Answers for Team Leader BPO:

1. Introduce yourself?

This question is very basic across all levels, though you need to answer this question with confidence in the face and body language. By this question the interviewer wants to judge you on your confidence level, your education qualification, any specialization course you have done which can add value for the organization, your strength, and hobbies.

You need to sum up all this in and answer and while answering make sure this answer is not too long that interviewer should get bored or not too short that he has to ask the question again

2.About your work experience or Carrer History?

By this question interviewer wants to know about the organizations you are associated in your career history, also he wants to check the stability because HR does not look for quantity but for quality means, if your experience is with only 1 or 2 organization in past 5- 6 years this is the sign of stability.

While answering you need to emphasize the company’s name you have worked for a longer time also if you are associated with any international or Top Ranked BPO you need to share about your experience with that organization.

Keep in mind that if you have stability issue with your previous organization give the HR a legit reason to trust upon you and genuinely if you are not stable and spending only 6-8 months in any organization just because of management or issues with your superior, then believe me call center industry is not your cup of tea.

3. Why did you leave your last job?

This is the most expected question you need to be prepared for. By this question, the interviewer wants to know about the reason why you left your last job. For this you need to prepare your answer before the interview and keep practicing it if you have any such reason you do not want to share it with the interviewer so that no blunder in real-time. Though if you have a genuine reason you can share it with the interviewer,

By the way, you can also answer this question by saying that” You have been working since long in a company now you want to add some more expertise in your resume and wants to see how this market works “

4.Qualities of a Team Leader?

This question is the most sought after the last one, you should know about the skills of team leader and you have a good experience as a team leader in the industry this is not the trickiest one for you.
A good team leader has qualities like “ No Bossy Nature, Confident in the team, Should be fair equally with all the team members, should stand for his team, people management, and instant decision taker, etc. I will go in deep skills in future articles but for now, these are some basic skills of team leader.

5.Formulas you know?

By this question, the interviewer wants to know about in-depth knowledge of formulas you have for some basic calculation in the call center industry. Because apart from people management and other skills on leader should also good in computer skills like MS Excel and basic formulas
Few of the glossary and the basic formula we use in call center industry up to Team leader level given below:

         A.Shrinkage: Shrinkage is the count of agents absent on that particular day but they were r                  rostered. Shrinkage is of 2 types planned and unplanned will deep dive in the next article but              for the interview purpose you can use below formula

          Calculation: No. of agent absent/No of agents present *100 will give you the percentage

        B.Attrition: Attrition is the number of agents absconded in one month. Attrition is voluntary &             non-voluntary. For the understanding purpose, you can look into to below formula 

          Calculation: no of agents attired / Avg of opening and closing headcount*100 

         C.AHT( Average Handling Time ): AHT is the time taken by the agent to handle a particular                call or a ticket which includes the after call activity which is called wrap as well

           Calculation( Total talk time +hold time +wrap time )/ Number  of calls

         D.APR ( Agent Productivity Report); This report is a daily report by which you can see                    performance of agents and can share the feedback with the agent daily.APR contains the report            regarding ( Wrap, Average Talk time Shift time, Shift adherence, Average Handling Time,                     number of calls and others)

     These are some basic formulas that could be asked in the interview for the team leader level. I will cover all formulas in my next article

6. How to Control shrinkage and attrition?

This question could be asked by most of the organizations. In response to these questions, you need to show your people management skills. For shrinkage, you need to plan one day before and make the projection to avoid any unplanned in next day

To control the Attrition you need to have a better bond with the team and should know what different activities you need to apply with different agents

7. How to Achieve the target?

The interviewer can ask you about how to achieve the target if your team has not been performing good in initial days, here you need to show you sales skills and should explain to the interviewer if you have encountered any similar instance earlier in the previous organization while you are in the same role, this is not the toughest one if you are good in an experience you can easily crack this

So these are some FAQs that I have encountered during my position of Team leader. So as per my experience getting selected for Team Leader interview is not a hard nut to crack, just you need to showcase your experience in front of the interviewer 

So this is all from today's subject of " Interview Questions and Answers for Team Leader role BPO".Will post my next article soon


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